Optimisation Techniques

Tue, 07/11/2017 - 16:02 -- yapa

Paid the interior penalty

With references to working principle

Back on track now working on mobility

To achieve peak conditionality

Droppin' pipe bombs lyrically

Finished with strategic methodology

Omit Limited

Mention available


Cracking algorithm of the institution

Admitted to ways of generic destitution

Application of exhaustive programming till optimisation

Learned the fuzzy concept of operation

Coding variables of maximisation

To break walls of limitation


Ain't no darkness,when she isn't around

Sombre lullaby of pearl kissed moonlight

Released model of extreme gradient

Tossed recharge into will's constraint

Mankind tore hood of fiend


Made peace with soul to be a listener

Gathering ammo to be a good listener

Had a different tone

Complexities buzzed around like drone

Was susceptible to buzz killer

Now to calm water,I'm prone 

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