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I remember you.but I also hope thatyou will remember me too. You’re out theresomewheresmiling,crying,having the time of your life.
I was once a little kid lost and alone.   Searching the streets for a place to call home.   Then you found me and took me in as your own.   I can never repay you
When the topic of family comes up, I tell people  that I am adopted.  People usually give me  The pity look and ask  me what happened. 
Blood formed in battle  Is thicker than the water of the womb Likewise You  A father formed through the battle of not having my own  Is much more real to me than a man I never met
Blood formed in battle  Is thicker than the water of the womb Likewise You  A father formed through the battle of not having my own  Is much more real to me than a man I never met
I was born an orphanbut given the greatest opportunity possibleI was chosen by the most worthy familyI grew up healthy and happywith mere struggles to overcomeone day my life went awry and I nearly passed
You ask me for a moment of my time Like you think I’ve made a shrine  Of our long-lost memories Here you are asking for anniversaries  Like we didn’t break up a family  
Sometimes it is hard to explain to people what is going on in your head, To put into words all of these thoughts that you typically dread. Sometimes you realize that maybe it is better to not talk about them at all,
Dear Josiah I'm sorry for what I did   I thought I only had one choice, But it's my fault I didn't have a bigger voice.   The times were fast and no one was there
I was raised in darkness and deceit.  For the first 6 years not a speck of love was around me. It wasn't until I was older, that's when they found me. Kindness, peace, love, gentleness, and patience. 
To care for their children, my big brother and me, My parents would willingly part a raging sea, The modern-day Byzantine icons, living, breathing saints, A slash to my youth, their troubled life taints.  
"You aren't my mother." Such a foolish thing to say. But as a child,  How could I know better?    Tears formed in your eyes  And your cheeks became red.  You were hurt, in pain.
The Sun shines  The Rain comes to an End The baby scream Welcome to this world little child  Mommy Loves you  She get put into the arms of another  Never to see her mommy again  Taken away 
She bore, life. First two, expected. A third, sweet baby girl don't you know you're unintentional. But oh how she'll love you all the same.   Daughter. I am hers and
She laughs because while you see bullets She sees rain persistance is Her umbrella  the whispers of pain and doubt urge Her forward.   The terrain mocks Her ankles She groans as She slips
I could be your hero If you let me be.
My love, You are turning 11-years-old this year. My heart drops to my stomach when I think about that.
Dearest Sister, Oh, how you have suffered. Child of infidelity, war, and poverty-- Abandoned by those you loved most, By those who were supposed to love you back.
Dear Mother,  Hello, I just wanted to say you aren't a mother.  I mean a mother couldnt do what you did to me could she?  You left me in the streets so you can get high. 
Dear Mom, Every morning I wake up I think about why you gave me up When I feel full from everything I ate I feel thankful for the loaded plate As I learn more in school
Dear Gums, That's my nickname for you, Cause babygirl you got no teeth I write this with you next to me on the floor When I look down at you I know want so more
The day you entered my life I know we won’t have any strife Our family: Dad, child, wife But that is just a big fyffe   A lie just to give you hope Daddy don’t need to elope
Thinking of a future child one that's non-biological. One that might have been   once loved by another mother. Maybe not. Maybe they'll never know her. Maybe they will have
Father is angry brother is crazy. Mama is worried but sister is perky.   Arguing constantly everyone hates me. Or I don't seem to matter anyways.  
Because you loved me- you carried me for nine months Knowing that you could only hold me for a moment Because you loved me,
She wants to be a vet, a chef, for all we know, a princess, But we see her growing up in this mess. The life we call a system for kids that go where they are mistreated,
I've never known you And I don't intend to. I've never known your face, I have never known your name, Nor your voice,  I have never known you. You brought me into the world,
Anya Zebell 10 May 2017 Adopting a New Land  When I moved from Ukraine there was a lot of pain New faces New places I didn't know what to think let alone, let it sink
You were never there for me. You Weren’t there when I said my first words.
Dear Daughter,   The strange man who you called father was only looking to bruise you at night  
Who are they? They won’t let me know. I was just 3 When they took me home Now I’m 16! I ask who they were.
I want to be something to give to people.  I want my words I one day write,  to make people feel something. To be so strong, they feel like you’ve been punched in the gut. 
We went to the pound to look at the dogs ‘Just to look.” my parents had said But we all new what was going to happen I was going to find a dog and we would “have to keep it” I was in desperate need for a furry friend. My life was dull and sad. I w
Adoption is rarely talked about, but is partly the reason why we are where we are today.We hesitate to talk because all that ever comes are the snide comments,waiting like dangling knives at our throats,
There is a hole inside me It is so tiny and small Miniscule Really Like there's nothing there at all   It feels brand new, try to see But it's laid dormant for years 
Brightly colored shapes scatter through the yard Announcing someone’s special day There are several inside, brightening the wooden room
I never took those pills, popping one after another like candy. I didn’t dig deeper, deeper into the layers of skin—just trying to feel. I never left home; we never grew apart.
I am  the road less traveled funny indeed the creation of two families one of birth one of adoption   I am the one that they wanted to have opportunities 
Alone in a field, alone, with no wind to carry   Nothing and no one to carry him he begins to dry   Then the Tornado enters his life, and rips him from his slow decay  
  Kalenjin Dream   Hello, goodbye my cherub son Though you never saw the light of day Your light shines brighter than the stars
Nine years and twenty five days old             That's what you'd be now, what you are now             Fifty two days our hearts beat as one             Your only heartbeat I knew was your last
Adoption is tough,  Adoption is life changing,  I would be first to know. Let me tell you how:  I hurt for years without knwing,  I cried so many nights just longing, Was it for her?
Swimming in the anger, drowning in the sin. Its been so long, how long has it been?   You left abruptly with no trace on your lips, Of remorse for the pain, and your angry countenance. 
Little girls not allowed. Grown-ups deciding fate, Including a future shifting to gray. Doesn’t she have a say?   Taught of liberty, Chained doves dream. You’re free to fly.
It's kind of weird being adopted. You become a part of someone's family. These people could just as easily been strangers passing by. And you are stuck in a world surrounded by people that look nothing like you
I am me and not me I am American yet not I was adopted from China but am I Chinese I was raised Italin but am I Caucasian My friends ask me if I know I have a white family  I laugh because I am me
Born to this world with drugs in my body. Doctors fixed me up, but I'm left with nobody. Still Unbroken.   Sent to Foster care right away. Until this couple came and made my day. Still Unbroken.
My real name was foster kid when I was young and wanted to find a new family. My foster mom called me trouble and I used to misbehave at home and at school. 
                               There was a baby girl                                 Who needs to be adopted
Reach for the stars they say but they dont know what its like day by day they play us like pawn in a simple game moving us, directing us in their own way   However thats not how it's going to go
I never felt powerful, strong, or that I made a difference Kids often don't I never felt my life could be impactful or have a purpose But, that was another me, a younger me My parents made the choice to foster
If I would have cried and begged you to stay in your arms, would you have kept me? would you have let me be? was it easier to turn your back on me? who were you truely setting free? you or me?
God’s kiss to a darkened world
I once had a dream about shopping for a mom. You could choose whichever you wanted And if you weren’t content with your purchase, An exchange or return could be arranged As long as you had kept the box and receipt.
"Dog Lovers" all around More dead bodies at the pound Please don't buy and please don't breed Adopting is what our world needs   Puppy mills and backyard breeders Adding on to the death meter
1. You see, I love to play cards 
There is no way a mom can say "that child is not mine" But for me things were different
A gust of heartless air escaped the cracked door I arrived just in time to inhale the aftermath of decayed black crows, Only to regurgitate the clumps of feathers I almost suffocated.  
i write for a boy. who i've met only a handful of times.  i write for a boy. who i did not  know until i was already a person with a hard shell and a 
This woman is expecting a new baby girl Brought into this beautiful magical world But this world isn’t as magical as it seems When all she can focus on isn’t me   I matter too don’t I ?
I dream of a bond from birth growing stronger everyday. Not everyone understands the roles being played.  Although I didn't come from your womb I am your daughter. 
        My past is unknown Do I have a purpose here To hope and to love?
What's on my mind? What about what's in my heart? What makes it bleed and break, cry out in despair, what makes me try and want to rip out my hair.   What I think about when it gets dark,
Inside me there's a longing  A desire to change nations
The girl is so lost, So hurt and so broken. We don't see the cost, Of the words left unspoken.   I would that we all, Help this girl who is weak, Stand up when she falls,
Thank you for caring.
A perfect boat of gravy,A tender slice of lamb,Crispy green vegetables,Potatoes straight from the pan.  
I see their smiles, strained and tired
Hi, my name is Elizabeth Grace I am writing you this letter in hopes to fill this void space
Concrete floors The claking never ends The constant barking in your floppy ears Sorry, Sunny That's just how it is   Three years to the day
I walked in alone No phone, no knife, no money I walked in alone
Only fifteen, so they say you’re a mistake. I feel you in my belly as my heart begins to ache; I made a bad choice, but still I get you as my prize. Your daddy walks out as I wipe tears from my eyes.  
 I am from my birth mothers choice to give me up for adoption. I am from her realization that drugs were more important than me. Her mistakes have taught me right from wrong. The person that she is, is the person I will never be.
I hate to say you were a mistake, because you weren't.
I've been walking these streets for a long time.
I was born in Maoming to the sounds of sirens and in the midst of yellow smoke, I’d imagine.   I was blessed. I could have died nine minutes into my life. Or before I took in my first polluted breath.
My life was short My life was cruel. Winston was my brother But he hardly felt as one. I never was a child I never lived my life. I was robbed of a past I was robbed of a future.
sincerely, mom You're one in a million and a complete secret Through me, you are their life Bringing me peace and love, I know fate exists I'm carried through knowing you're out there
Dark brown eyes almost black glistening in the sea of bright blue   Tightly coiled hair Nappy from root to end Surrounded by bone straight blonde   My siblings are biology I am manmade
What is this feeling So strange and alone My fingers cannot move And my heart has turned to stone.   The aching in my head The darkness full of pain The weakness in my lungs
The bubbly laugh of a baby boy, A beautiful smile of a toddling two year old. The innocence of a child is something we take for granted. To think someone could decide to end the budding life within themselves..
These are two wonderful people, I can clearly say are mine. They love me, care for me, And always give their own time.  
I miss my baby I wonder if he is okay all i hope is that maybe, just maybe I will get to see him one day It's been three years too long I was just fifteen giving you up was wrong
(poems go here) I feel it... Kick Kick kick Inside of me Your apart of me Sweet child of mine, please forgive Forgive me for having to bring you into this world For only having love to give you
I remember the day you were born, I was just a kid myself, afraid of so many things… but most of all, afraid of loving you.
To neither understand nor be understood. To know, but not know everything. To live, but not live in a complete state. To be a part of something, but be separate. All of this, all at once, Every single day.
from fertilization to conception i was 2 living cells but since we have been joined we're on living being now
growing up as a cub all alone in the streams,without parents life is tough brother take it from me papa bear was shot in a hunters delight moma took the blame even though it aint right 5 cubs all alone to fend for themselves the cave not a home be
If all the world had sisters like I had sisters The fair and the sweet and the wild, (and that strange thing I call Humphry) They'd be luckier than anyone deserves to be. The fair with her voice like chiming silver
Her name, Mei-zhen, embossed in the jade pendant that chafes the base of my throat permits only shallow gasps to egress.
Dog Yearning For Loving Adoption Day Home
I never met my sister's biological mother. Actually, that was probably a good idea-- I hate Her, more than anything.
To My Little Sisters: After so long, The wait is finally over. It’s official! I am a big sister To the two of you.
There's a love so real it will never escape so magical so authentic Everywhere we go And so i cherish this present of love A little piece of it, adopting you I feel my lovely blessings move
I am from plane rides at a week old, from always knowing there was something special about my family. I am from always knowing I was adopted.
Mommy why do you keep telling me that? I was born where? In your heart? What does that mean? I was born in another mommy's tummy? How? Mommy why do you tell me that story all the time?
“In giving you away, I have given you the gift of life.” I placed you on the top step. I kissed your forehead and wrapped the corners of the blanket around your chin.
I wonder if you kno if I... she exists Do you know that your daughter is an orphan? Do you know that she used to morn her existence Do you know that she is alive...? And with every breathe she takes
Some believe it's a disease to take in another man's child I believe those who believe others can achieve under their parenting style Are the people we should praise instead of be phased as if they live in exile
these five cold walls construct a tiny room with a metal-barred door to keep me here. this place has been my home for quite some time now and i grow old and weary in waiting.
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