Reach for the stars they say

but they dont know what its like day by day

they play us like pawn in a simple game

moving us, directing us in their own way


However thats not how it's going to go

My mind directs me in my own flow

what are they going to do for me;

when im old enough to find

somewhere to sleep,

to buy my own food to eat?


 Keeping us close like innocent toddlers

"You need to be safe and always behave"

Believeing they know what's best for us

Sweeping our emotions

under a rug like dust


Little do they comprehend,

this life has no one to hold our hand

When we "kids" get out on the world alone

we wont know what to do


We were treated like babies our entire lives

expecting us, now, to know

the horrible reality of life

because of them it will be a nightmare 



How fair they seemed then,

when we thought they cared

With the smile on their face,

they would proudly wear



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