Ode to Emmett

We went to the pound to look at the dogs ‘Just to look.” my parents had said But we all new what was going to happen I was going to find a dog and we would “have to keep it” I was in desperate need for a furry friend. My life was dull and sad. I wanted something new to spice up my boring life.  So we ran down to the pound to find a friend.  So I opened the door leading to the small dogs and saw him He looked so sad as we came to his cage His food dish was full of uneaten kibble.  He pressed his wet nose threw the cage to get closer to us' I bent over to get a better look. He licked my hand and looked deeply into my eyes. I opened up his metal cage, and he ran out and, peed on the floor And right then I knew he was the one He has been my best friend ever since He sleeps with me every night I come home everyday to a puppy who is ecstatic to see me He happily whimpers as I hold him  As if It had not been this morning since I saw him Every day I can’t wait to go home to my little puppy He makes my bad days go away. He licks up my tears,  tilts his head, as if to ask “Are you having a bad day?” At home there are no bad days because  they are instantly gone once my dog comes along.  We go on walks, we cuddle and rough house. We go to pet stores for fun and go on hikes. I make sure that my dog is having a full and happy life. Just to pay him back for making my life amazing.

This poem is about: 
My family


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