Family Isn't Always Blood

Mon, 08/28/2017 - 20:21 -- akoback

She wants to be a vet, a chef, for all we know, a princess,

But we see her growing up in this mess.

The life we call a system for kids that go where they are mistreated,

Unloved, abused, and the up most distressed.

She wakes up thinking “today is the day” and goes to school like any other,

All she really wants is to be loved by her foster mother.

Mama cracks the belt or warms her hand,

She runs, hides, but is found and tries to withstand,

The fact and the thought that no one, blood or not, wants her.

Tossed from home to home one after another,

You see clouds of anger growing in her eyes.

Oh how great it will be to prove to everyone she can accomplish something,

The next day is normal or so she thought.

In her second grade class doing her multiplication and addition,

Her name is called over the intercom to go to the office.

Walking down the white walls painted with lockers,

She goes in thinking “what is all the dysfunction.”

There’s Arthur, her social worker,

Greeting her with such delight.

He tells her to grab her bag from class,

She flies out the door, no longer in sight.

She packs her stuff, and gets in the car,

Driving for what seems like hours,

She wonders where they are.

They get out of the car to see a mansion-like house,

Where she sees her brother with his parents that are two men,

Wondering if they’re each other’s spouse.

Going inside with eyes filled with curiosity,

For she did not remember where she was,

It had been too long being in the house for her to see.

Chatting with one dad and her brother,

Arthur is by the front door talking to the other.

As time passes and it turns to dark,

She goes looking for Arthur to go home.

For he is gone and nowhere to be found,

She looks frantically and immediately shuts down.

“I am left and abandoned again which is nothing new,

I am constantly changing families and never know what to do.”

A year has passed and it is now her birthday,

Happy with this family for she wishes nothing more,

So what if they are gay.

Taking a car ride over to the court house she doesn’t know,

What is about to happen no one said so.

It was a surprise and now they are in the room,

The judge steps in oh no this isn’t true.

He says the rules regulations and with the pound of a gavel,

“I now decree your legal name Annalise Quinn Koback,”

Her emotions start to unravel.

Finally in a family that loves her with all their heart,

Her dreams have come true at seven years old,

And now her life can start.


This poem is about: 
My family


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