Foster Kid


My real name was foster kid when I was young and wanted to find a new family.

My foster mom called me trouble and I used to misbehave at home and at school. 

My name was on all the trouble lists at school until I was 11 when I was still struggling. 

My name was the slow kid when I was younger because I was the only one who knew I was smart. 

my social worker called me challenging. My teacher did too. 

My name was group home kid as I moved from home yo home. 

My caregivers called me misunderstood. 

My name was Kidsave kid. 

My Mom called me adorable with lots of potential. 

My name was new kid at Hale and in my home when I was 12. 

My name was special ed student. 

My name was regular kid in Woodland Hills, who I always wanted to be. 

My name was my mother's daughter, Eunala, who is very loved. 

My name was foster kid at 11. 

My real name is Eunice at 14, the smart, loved, honor student who goes to the best school and has the best home ever. 


Eunice Medina 



Eunice Medina

Every kid deserves a family. 

Eunice Medina

Every kid deservs a family. 

Karen Norton

I am writing to request permission to use your poem, Foster Kid, in the National Training and Development Curriculum for Foster/Adoptive Parents (NTDC). This curriculum is being developed as part of a five-year cooperative agreement with the Administration on Children, Youth & Families, Children’s Bureau. Spaulding for Children, in partnership with Dr. Bruce Perry and the ChildTrauma Academy (CTA); The Center for Adoption Support and Education (C.A.S.E.); the North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC); National Council For Adoption (NCFA); and, University of Washington (UW) are working to develop a training program to prepare foster and adoptive parents to effectively parent children who have experienced loss and/or trauma and to provide these families with ongoing support and development of the skills needed to understand and promote healthy child development.

I can send you more information on the project if you will email me at Thank you.

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