The day you entered my life

I know we won’t have any strife

Our family: Dad, child, wife

But that is just a big fyffe


A lie just to give you hope

Daddy don’t need to elope

So please baby don’t go mope

My chance of love is a slope


Baby do not have any fear

I will forever be here

Just like a mirror it’s clear

I only need you my dear


I know you want a mommy

To complete our family

I wish I can find love honey

Let’s relax and breathe calmly


Cristae, I love you my sweet

Laugh when tickling your feet

We dance to the groovy beat

I will scorn the guys you meet


You are mine and only mine

The guy who takes you to dine

But I know you need to shine

Dating is ok and fine


Find a man that treats you right

Someone who calls you his light

Do not stay out late all night

If hurt, he will feel dad’s might


Wipe away tears, daddy’s here

Let’s go to Monica’s pier

Smell the ocean and drink beer

You’ll find love give it a year


My gorgeous daughter growing

She is moving on and leaving

Walk her down at her wedding

Tears of joy I am crying


I will remember the day

Adopt and took you away

And every day I would say

“I love you my sweet Cristae”

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