To A Woman named "Birthmom"

There is a hole inside me

It is so tiny and small



Like there's nothing there at all


It feels brand new, try to see

But it's laid dormant for years 

There's this ache

No really

I've got to control it before I fall


There is a longing to know

What runs though my veins daily

Who am I

Please tell me

I was too young to recall





I've grown up, yet I feel low

Rejection does not sit well

Most days

But I'll recover soon

Trying to see that it's not you who left me


We just weren't meant to be


And that's okay



Through the wind and the rain

Throught the dust and the pain

Mom and Dad molded and loved me

And I have someone who adores and trusts me, he

would never give up and he would never give in

But what you did was not a sin


You gave me one chance 

To sing and to dance

You let me live to see the day

And I've got one thing to say


I am who I am

There is no "misunderstand"

Someday I'll show the world I can be

A wonderful mother 

A wondeful wife

And I'll have my own family







This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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