From Brother to Brother

I could be your hero

If you let me be.


I could cry for you

If you would let me.


You’re too far from me.

When I try to touch you

You scream and shout.


I could be your brother

If you let me be.


Every time I see you

I smile and cry.


I know we are different

But we are also alike.


From two birth families

And now we are one.


Please! Let’s be friends.

I know you’re afraid

And lonely.

But so am I.


I can be your hero

If you let me be.


We are bothers now.

Let’s be one.

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I was adopted, so I know that is hard to relate to other people who grew up alot different from you. It can be hard to start loving people. this poem is just here to describe a relationship from a brother being adopted into a family, and the non-adoptive brother telling the newly brother that just joined the family that its okay for him to trust him.

so yah, it can be hard, so for all yall who have a 'perfect' fam...don't be too hard on kids who have a hard time growing up, or divorced families, or poor families. It aintcool and it aint making you famous.




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