Waiting For Tomorrow


Only fifteen, so they say you’re a mistake.

I feel you in my belly as my heart begins to ache;

I made a bad choice, but still I get you as my prize.

Your daddy walks out as I wipe tears from my eyes.


The doctors say you’ll come in June;

That is the day I’ll say, “See you soon.”

You’re my baby, but I have to let you go,

But do not worry, darling, there’s always tomorrow.


I found a mom and dad to take care of you,

But I’m not giving up; they won’t separate us two.

This is God’s path that he wants me to follow;

I will tell you I’m your mom, but not until tomorrow.


I know things are going to be rough.

Life isn’t easy, baby, but we have to stay tough.

One day God will tell me to let you know.

You will call me mommy, but not ‘til tomorrow.


Everyone told me I should get rid of you,

But as you grow inside me, our bond feels true.

You are my little boy, so please do not feel sorrow.

A wise man once said that joy will come with tomorrow.


I love you baby, and we’ll be together forever.

I keep you in my heart where we can never be severed.

Now listen up, Owen, some time I’ll need to borrow,

But I’m not giving up hope, just waiting on tomorrow.


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