Thanks for nothing, but Thanks for it all


If I would have cried and begged you to stay in your arms, would you have kept me?

would you have let me be?

was it easier to turn your back on me?

who were you truely setting free? you or me?

Thanks for nothing, but thanks for it all.


You began your new life, proud, telling yourself you did the right thing

you were happy, while I was sad

"Man I am so mad!"

surrounded by strangers; being with my family was my dream

I wasn't happy; my happiness was left in each home that I lived in for those 2 or 3 weeks

You gave me nothing, but you gave me it all


When you laughed, I cried

when you talked, I was silent

my life that you thought you were making so much better was no longer mine

it belonged to the system

as my tears would flow and my smiles fade

cash would flow in to the hands of my part time parents,

to them I was nothing more than dollar signs

but you don't care, as long as you were free of me

Thanks for nothing


I learned to smile through it all

not because I was truely happy

but because I would stare in to the faces of the families "real" kids

for those few seconds, they were me and I was them; I was happy

pretending was my only way of true happiness


It took some time, 2 years to be exact

but my dream finally became reality

I had a permanent family, and that family had me

for once, from your decision I was happy and free

I got adopted and I got loved, but it wasn't from you

you gave me up and I was mad but I got over it

Thanks for it all


I was happy and it was real

it seemed too real, so I had to pinch myself but it was true

for once, I had brothers, sisters, my own bed, my own parents

parents who would never give me up

my family isn't perfect but its more than what you ever gave me

Thanks for nothing, but Thanks for it all. 


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