A Letter To My Birth Mother


Hi, my name is Elizabeth Grace

I am writing you this letter in hopes to fill this void space

I often look at women on the subway, and think “Is she my birth mother?”

I have always known I was adopted, and as time passed by only questions of uncertainty came one after another

“Who am I?”, “Who are you?”, “Who is my father”, and “Why did you give me away?”

I want you to know, I love you, and it’s true I don’t know you but I love you

My parents are amazing; I hold no ill will against you, through them my appreciation for you has grew

I think of you daily, so I can only imagine how much you think of me           

I am 23 years old, have one older brother and one younger sister, both which are adopted

My parents are interracial, as well as homosexual  

My values, ethnics, and family beliefs has been viewed as very conceptual

I graduated college and have 1 child of my own

As I write you, I have fears of the unknown

“What if she rejects me?”, “What will she think of my parents?”, and lastly

“What if she has convinced herself…to forget me?”

The magical question my friends ask  me is “How does it feel to be an adoptee?”

I never had a “mother”, but I never felt deprived of the feeling of a parent’s love

Even with my exceptional upbringing, there’s still a “mother”, you, which I think of

See I figured, “YOWO” (You Only Write Once), so here’s my chance to write to you


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