June 27, 2012 (Adoption Day)

To My Little Sisters:

After so long,
The wait is finally over.
It’s official!
I am a big sister
To the two of you.

With being a big sister,
Comes great responsibility.
I have to be a role model,
A teacher,
A good listener,
A supporter,
A fighter,
A leader,
And a friend.

I must be someone you can look up to.
I must teach you things, because some things can’t be taught by parents.
I must listen to you when you need to talk,
Not just with my ears,
But with my heart.
I must support you and help you through your tough times.
I must fight for you when you become too weak to fight for yourself,
But some battles you must fight alone.
I must lead you away from trouble and into the right direction.
I must be your friend, helping you through the confusing world.

Though you may not believe it,
Mom and Dad know what they’re doing.
Sometimes they struggle to understand us,
But no parent is perfect.
They’re trying their best.
Give them the respect you know they deserve.
Do what you are told.
Do not talk back.
And whatever your issues are,
Give them a chance to listen,
So you can work it out.

Being a little sister,
Comes with responsibility too.
You must realize,
That you are younger than most of your family,
And everyone older than you has the right to tell you what to do.
They’re not trying to be mean, or rude
By bossing you around.
They’re just trying to get you to do what is right,
Which does not call for an attitude.
You must also realize that even your older siblings deserve respect,
Respect is not given unless it is received.

Growing up is hard.
It is not something you want to rush.
Stay young as long as you can.
There is no way I can teach you that lesson.
You must learn it on your own,
When you do learn it,
I’ll say, “I told you so!”
But I’ll always be here helping you through it,
Leading you,
Every step of the way.


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