Kalenjin Dream


Kalenjin Dream


Hello, goodbye my cherub son

Though you never saw the light of day

Your light shines brighter than the stars

I see your face every day, watch you grow in my mind's eye

Wispy cowlicks of light auburn hair playing at your ears

Your eyes as green as emeralds, sparkling with joy and love

I know you know me, I know you know how much I want you back

I know our Father worked through you to save my life and your daddy's too

That day, careening out of control, yet somehow missing colliding with everything

Everything that would have brought us to where you are

You're nine years old now, keeping God on his toes, I'm sure

Your great grandmother has been with you a few years now

I'm sure Swanee River sounds better in Heaven

Your great grandfather probably greeted you when you arrived

Ask him to tell you about the green eyed dragon with the thirteen tails

Your other great grandfather will be with you soon, it seems

One's batteries can only be recharged so many times and he is so tired

He told me he would give you a hug for me and tell you how much I love you

I hope you already know

I know he loves you too, and me

Maybe in Heaven he'll say the words

That would be my heaven

That and having you here in my arms

You gave us quite an anniversary present this year, you and God

One phone call from a friend, and suddenly we are blessed with a daughter from Africa

She's only here with us for a short time, just as you were, but we love her so much

You would love her too

She's got the same spunk I know you do

The moment she says it, I know you're looking down on my silliness thinking “REALLY, Mom?”

It's only for a while I'm a mom to a child on Earth again, just until school is out

Thank you and thank God for bringing our African daughter to us

She is a dream come true and a miracle in our lives

You, son, will always be my miracle

My reason to hope that one day a child will call me Mom for the rest of my life

And then, Luke, then one day your daddy and I will see you again and stay forever

Until then, little one, I love you and thank you for my Kalenjin dream.


This poem is about: 
My family


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