Who Are They??

Who are they?

They won’t let me know.

I was just 3

When they took me home

Now I’m 16!

I ask who they were.

They tell me their names

But that’s all’s I know

It makes me mad

As I sit and wonder

What were they like?

If my life would be good

They tell me the story

My mom was 14 and dad was 16

When they brought me into this world

They couldn’t take care of me

So they left

The poor pitifull me

To make someone else happy

When I ask to see them

I get a straight NO

What did I do?

Aren’t they my parents?

I’m 16 shouldn’t I get to know

The frustration

The hate

Just waiting to come out

For the day that I meet them

To ask them the hard question

Why’d you leave me.

Ohhh!!! How I hate them

But at least I’m happy

With the family I’m with

They’ve given me the world

At my fingertips

So I sit

Till the day

I get to meet

The two sorries

Who walked out on me

13 years ago

Leaving me alone in this world

To make someone else happy

How I wish I could have my own family

But I was abandoned  

Yall have it easy

Not having to wonder where you come from

It sit in bed some days and cry myself to sleep  

Cause I know I wasn’t fortunate enough

To stay with that family

My name now is Kutter Allyn Korczynski

My name back then Nicholas Troy Atkins

Yall must feel some kind of pride

I don’t

I just want to meet the 2 sorries who walked out on me 13 years ago

I wondered today

Would they love me

Would they feel regret

If they saw me

Would they remember

That day 13 years ago

When they walked out on me

They were junkies

Just piling up the police reports

My dad was the worst

The only thing they could tell me

Was he was 16

I was told my dad was a badman

Robing a store, doing pot, and dealing drugs whenever he can

I asked where he was


They said in jail


It's where he belongs

Now for my mom

I don’t know much about

Just monthly reports on family assault

Why am I talking about

The 2 who walked out on me 13 years ago

I hate them!!!!

So ill stop

So I sit till I get older

And think to myself

Will I ever want to meet

The 2 sorries who walked out on me 13 years ago

Leaving me alone in this world


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