I Am A Seed, Finally Planted

Sat, 09/19/2015 - 15:14 -- Bcuda99

Alone in a field, alone, with no wind to carry


Nothing and no one to carry him he begins to dry


Then the Tornado enters his life, and rips him from his slow decay


Terrified, he burrows deep into the ground


But all the soil in the world couldn’t stop the Tornado from shredding his peace again


Then, a man knowingly removes him from his blob of mother earth and throws him into the sea



There he just floats for what seems to be an eternity until the Hurricane sends him back to shore


He is parched and ragged from his time at sea and he vows to stay where the tornado sends him next, for he sees himself withering soon


He will become another bad seed with no future


As the Heat becomes unbearable, a woman scoops him out of the hot sun, and puts him in her backyard


With her oversight and care, he becomes a sapling


For the first time he hadn’t seen the Tornado, the Hurricane, or felt the Heat


And for the first time someone nurtured and watered him, helping him grow

Until he was finally able to bloom into an oak tree

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