Do you know?

Wed, 04/10/2013 - 21:20 -- La'Nyah


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I wonder if you kno if I... she exists
Do you know that your daughter is an orphan?
Do you know that she used to morn her existence
Do you know that she is alive...?
And with every breathe she takes
A fragment of you is refreshed

Do you know that you have a child that's motherless?
Where is my… I mean her father
Where is the man who gave his seed?
Only to grow a girl who loves to read
Who loves to write and do
Equations as complicated as her life

Do you know that the sperm you released
Met an egg and made a girl
A girl who is wondering while wandering...
Do you know that even though
You aren't there

She is becoming a woman
Without you
Do you know that your little mixed child
Wants to know her heritage...
Her ethnicity
Her... her historical genetics...?

Do you know she still loves you?
And every time she looks in the mirror
She pulls out your traits so she can mentally design the face
Of the king that helped make her.. a princess
And that even though you haven't been there
There is a King making her feel like his

Yeah he makes her feel like his
Since biologically her father was to inadequate
To even crown her yours
Yet, she wonders
Do you know
Because she knows you

She knows your life
Your laugh
Your way of speak and persuasion because see...
This is what defines her and
This ain't come from her momma
The hands
The ears
The lips and these naturally curlly locks...?

She knows she's mixed...
Mixed with greatness
A great that nestled his way into
Yolanda Gale's pants
To make her greatness
But, do you think about her
If you know

Do you??
Do you want to know about her?
Do you??
Do you know that your ignorance
Angers her

I want to know!!
I mean she wants to know
She needs to know
But it’s weird though
Because she knows your name...
I think…

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