Dreams of my Birth Mother

Because you loved me- you carried me

for nine months

Knowing that you could only hold me

for a moment

Because you loved me,

you gave me to someone else

Dreaming of a better future

Than the slums of North Carolina

Because you loved me, you chose them

So they could love me too.


But because I love you, it hurts

to see that picture of you

That looks just like me-

Big smile, broad nose, bright brown eyes.

And when I ask, they tell me

All about you

They say that you were-

Shy, smart, and friendly,

Just like me, and

Because I love you, I found you-

As a part of me.


Because I love you, I wonder

who you are and if

You think about me too.

Would it hurt you to know

That you are me, and I am you.


This poem is about: 
My family


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