Climate Change

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Coal The PM said Is how we in Australia run. How we make money Get on our feet. Coal Said the PM Is what we need. But Mr PM What about the day When you wake up
Once, in the beginning, Mother Earth was vibrant, Her children newly born, mewling, clumsy things Soft pink hands scrubbing at bright, new eyes Stumbling through survival.
What we see What we hear Wont be here in a thousand years What we taste What we touch Someday there won't be as much What we do What we smell Will all be gone if we don't treat Earth well
This is my love letter My love letter to you, Mother Nature.    You are so beautiful  So powerful and glorious    You can crush houses  in one second 
Kids on computers, Parents out of work. The climate's changing And Earth is dying.   Stores are closing and The streets are empty. There's smoke in our atmosphere, Poisoning our air.
Being hinted down in a Forrest filled with skyscrapers Dodging bullet like traffic I sat down on an artificial Park bench comforted By artificial trees thinking about Global warming, climate change
Dearest Husbandry,  I’m your Mississippi Aphrodite, a giant Amazonic.  I am shin-deep in the Mississippi River  and I see above the clouds, far out over the Land of Nod.
look at us, can’t you see?   your weapons of greed tear apart this ocean all for self-gain in industry chains. are pleas for help not enough commotion?  
I don’t care if you’re scared,  so was Martin Luther King Jr.  I’m just here to say
the ashes have gathered against skyline and upturned plan making late summer a hazy funeral   I breathe in the forest fires the old oaks and their stifled fates
Glaciers are melting  Temperatures are rising Why aren’t people changing We still drive cars
I saw upon yonder, a tree standing alone,Upon a hill, so stony and cold.I wandered that hill up to the tree,And to my surprise, the tree said to me,
If I had to choose if I’d rather have the world end in fire or ice, I would choose ice.    At least for now.   
If I had to choose if I’d rather have the world end in fire or ice, I would choose ice.    At least for now.   
The animals live as they are adapted to live, but never more. They are primitive. Without free thought, without art and culture, without clothing. The trees give shade and shelter to the animals
I thought you promised not to drown everyone again! Knee deep in glacier sweat.   I did. I won’t. Says She,
What Will It Take For Us To See ... We're Facing The END of Humanity ... !?! Tragedies From RISING SEAS ... !!! FLOODING Far Too FREQUENTLY ... !!! In Places That Water Just Should NOT Be ... ?!?
I love poetry for its blank spaces, for its constant wondering and the shape of the words on a page. For different reasons than why I love math.
Mother is unique unlike her little sister moon unlike her toxic sister Venus unlike her father sun
To Those Who Don't Believe, Our world is changing; Can't you see you're a fool Look at the evidence on the news, the scientific reserarch  available We're starting a new Dust Bowl, amd soon the Earth will be unsavable
I’m afraid Of two things. This isn’t to say That I am not afraid Of other things But My fear of deep, dark, cold waters, And the places on Earth That the light doesn’t reach
There is a problem. Well, there are a lot of problems, but pretend for now that they are all just one big problem. One Problem. (Do you know what it is?) (Imagine it isn’t what you think)
On the edge of a parapet stands a young person  with nothing but wings made of wax and the boldness to jump.    We were told as children that the myth  always ends in tragedy. 
As I walk along the shore I can feel myself shake The world doesn’t quite look the same There is a scar running through from the quakes I just couldn’t seem to hold back my rage
As I walk along the shore I can feel myself shake The world doesn’t quite look the same There is a scar running through from the quakes I just couldn’t seem to hold back my rage
One of the Greek Gods is how you may know him, he's the God of the Sea, at the top of the totem. Now that was long ago and far from current day, because if he were here right now he wouldn't want to stay.
September 20th, 2019 the world slept. she didnt have to fight for herself today. she dreamt while the voices of her children spoke for her, begged for her safety, pleaded for her protection,
Anthropogenic activity: Wondering why the sky cries such torrential tears whirlpooled in sheets of ice and wind; waiting as it winds up our minds 
They shout for metal straws And recycle with pride But they don’t see That I will die anyway Reusable water bottles can only do so much  
The oceans turn to acid And the corals die The shellfish larvae dissolve Into scattered molecules, The Arctic is warming And the sea ice melts away Leaving the briny blue exposed
Don't you know  We let you go So you could forever flow The eternity  It's killing me Too late to turn away No matter where we sway We come here, always Back to the tasteful music
There stands Jack Frost, As cool as ever.   Except he's not.   How can he stay cool, When everything is getting so uncomfortably warm?      
Midas was a man, A man with a wish, He didn’t get what he planned, But he just couldn’t resist.   He asked for gold the first time,
Midas was a man, A man with a wish, He didn’t get what he planned, But he just couldn’t resist.   He asked for gold the first time,
The siren of today doesn't lure men to death, But instead uses it for good, until her last, dying breath. Her ocean is polluted, her lungs filled with muck, She has to admit that she is now stuck.  
Some cry climate change Other's say they're deranged.As the conflict evolvesAll our lives are involved.Who's right or who's wrong?What's the difference?
Climate Change   I finally understood climate change when I came home, walked in the door, and felt the atmosphere.  
Temperatures rising. Ice caps melting, Falling into the sea. Gaia, Mother Nature,  Oh how she cares As she stares at the dirty air. Her animals are dying out, And her Earth is full of drought. 
Mother Earth weeps  Not with sorrow, With rage.   Her rage is found in The fire that razed Paradise, The storm that destroyed San Juan, 
The spirits of the animals of the forest still live on Told in stories by mothers and fathers to their young Told late at night when it’s too cold to sleep The story of the Mighty Ape Proud and strong
A golden beam of sunlight shines through scattered patches. Gold reflects on every surface. The trees illuminate in a sunny yellow, Signifying the timeless beauty that fall has bestowed.
3:46 a.m.  on a post-rain Kansas Monday.  I try to wash away  the sleepiness from my insomnia laden eyes, pick a fresh sheet of paper spread clean it almost sheens,
Stream bends.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Slowly ends.           
I yearn for a time when We have an earth a home where we have butterflies not plastic bags Seahorses not troughs of sea trash Fruitful forests not funerals or forests. I ache for the
Dead trees stand tall Beige brittle limbs stiff as dried out bones Silver inside the screaming sky Snaking between evergreens Darker than Hooker’s Green in pure white
My darling, your days are numbered and your skin is boiling,My darling, We are the parasites that plague your sand-colours surface,My darling, your lakes and ponds are rising,
Earth's ocean is dark So much of the black substance I am so angry
Lagoon. Clear like glass cup Uncovered by sunlight. No greenhouse gases are emitted. Lagoon.
50 lives from now the glaciers will melt the rate at which ice leaves the planet is caused by us. we did this. it was one thing to unknowingly bring such positive change to the world with our new gadgets and gear,
The flowers in her hair were slowly dying. The sky grew too tired of crying. Sheets of white covered her eyes, as the world met its demise.  No one cared to tend the crops. Toxic waste of yesterday filled the air. No rainbow would ever shine there
We cling to you for shelter and like a greedy lover, we often ignore your needs, asking for more than we deserve   taking for granted the abundance of your beauty and love
The mother of all mothers Embraces us like no other Her luscious forests span far and wide, Nature’s sanctuary, where creatures hide Her waters run deep, her waters run low, Offering gifts in every flow
With great vengeance and furious anger She will burn you. Drag us all through the dirt Until our gashes Are pustulated mounds
Tears have stories It ain't for human only. Earth do cry at times. We never see those.. Coz, only human can Human ain't human right now Just a bulk of organs Human never existed.
We live here in the earth, deep in soil, blood red in clay and skin cresting the sky, we inhale. We are young; Face coated in oil and litter, fumes halo our head
Dear U.S residents, Why? Why hate when you can love? Why scream when you can sing?  
battered, worn and grayed you are from caring regularly. you never complain or cry and simply present your calmest sea.  i want to thank you for the home given without a fee.
Dear Humanity,   The lips she used to kiss  Her same sex lover with,  And the binary she dismissed Made them all loose their mind 
                The Black (pt. 1) I am not sure what I was expecting Here; We have this- This potential And those who chip away at it With their gold encrusted pick axes
Dear Environment, You give yourself up to any who wish to occupy Those who swim, walk, or even fly Yet my species has taken advantage of your generosity,  By returning it with atrocity
“Don’t Worry”, said the salesman with the cheap suit and the cheaper grin, desperate to make his last pitch
There is a forest A dim forest full of dusky trees and damp moss Tiny critters that scuttle about Weaving in between the roots of dying oaks and already dead birches
Oceans rise Oceans fall Who are we to change the oceans? Oceans create Oceans destroy When did we change the lives in the oceans?
She cries ice  and dries her tears in the fire Too Soon! They cry, as the Autumn Leaves fall They exchange seasons with cool white snow Our hottest summer Our coldest Winter
It is 2017 right now, and winter has arrived. Snow is everywhere in the Equestrian land. At long last, joy has been revived. All of the snow's surface seems to be bland. Unfortunately, not everypony enjoys the day.
you are more than I deserve than I will ever deserve you are the cool and glorious rains that fall blissfully to the scorched lands that have been plagued  by drought
you are more than I deserve than I will ever deserve you are the cool and glorious rains that fall blissfully to the scorched lands that have been plagued  by drought
This poem is dedicate to all the Pacific islanders out there. In which Moana gives a poem for the world to know.   People do not know the truth about our islands.
I hope you are okay after  we poured bleach down your throat and gave the last few sips to the Great Barrier Reefs   I hope a mother’s love  can withstand the pain 
Our god is green so things are never as they seem,Freedom rings but are we really free?People still being exploited like the Cree,In the land of history repeated,Was hatred every truly defeated? When Lincoln died, he believed us to be unified,Jim
The environment, it is our sacred right; We live it, we breathe it, but we don’t acknowledge its might.   Burning ourselves alive, we don’t see who’s deprived.
  I'd like them alleach & every onedown to the lastsmug,self-satisfied,smart,oh-so-smartdeniers,  
Mother She protects houses nourishes All forms of life Yet we do not do the same We kill We torture We laugh at others pain
With cold and calculated heart and mind; A man who lacked remorse for other men, Twisted the sights of those walking behind, To turn them to a life of sheep and hens.
Of the many things wrong, I find this one to have a grip on me, strong We need reform Let us perform A societal change Refute the strange
The world was created to support man. We take and we take; greedily, until there is no longer a grain of sand. “Earth is nothing more than a machine,” says man. He soon digs his own grave-
The earth, so cold, the people upon it made her that way.She gives and gives and all we do is take.
On a fine summer evening young Matthew McGee Rode his new vintage vespa to a friend’s brewery That had just opened up in a warehouse abandoned
Undertow   In my earliest memory I am drowning, upside down in the shores of my hometown. I’m two years old, on the sand with Mom, seaglass in our pockets and startling cool water on our toes.
Take advantage while you can. Go up to a tree and touch its thick bark. Twently years or less they'll all be gone. We'll soon forget what it was like to breath fresh crisp morning air.
As it roars and trickles against the rocks As it gushes and dribbles and never stops it will always stay blue and true its all about water  
(If I were stranded on a deserted island I would bring my love and respect for nature with me). I sat up on the hill, My gaze caught the shore, forest, and stream, Oh, what a thrill! T’was the most glorious dream,
In times of peril, the moon rises. The wind blows harder and harder       before your eyes. The sound of thunder comes your way, The smell of rain to end the day. Follow the direction of  the storm.
A critique of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's environmental policies.
BORN TO EKE     I like eking! I like to eke.   I’d rather run the water on gravity alone and switch the lights all OFF whenever I leave home. If there’s a choice of high or low
Destruction, Construction, Obstruction, Trail down the roofs And back to the Earth. Empathy fills the darkness, Flooding the evening in tears As troubled thoughts linger
Sunlit blanket Of fluffy snow Etches a sculpture, Marble against sky.   Lacy ice Forms a window Shielding From the worst truth.   It was not heralded
We aren't trying Why aren't we TRYING We have put a man on the moon (more than one) We have invented a tiny device that is a camera  a phone a music player and so much more
A girl swept away From her father’s arms The great wave’s force Overpowering her Seizing her From her beloved family Who will never see Her lovely little face Smiling up at them
Hurricanes, tornadoes, strange omens wreak day's woes, Foes unseen, it's of the people unclean, Pollution sown so mean, this is not just a dream, Fiends of torrential rain, causing pain as the water flows down drains,
Through the eyes of the woods  gazing through the darkness they watch over earth as it sleeps. Gently caressing the willow as it weeps. She Weeps for the sorrow of a thousand long years. 
And as I looked up at the sky I asked to the heavens, "why were we given the earth, if you knew we were going to destroy it?" A bird flew The stars twinkled, the planets moved,
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