Vengeance for the Carelessness of Innocence

Thu, 08/01/2013 - 04:26 -- sbedian


Hurricanes, tornadoes, strange omens wreak day's woes,

Foes unseen, it's of the people unclean,

Pollution sown so mean, this is not just a dream,

Fiends of torrential rain, causing pain as the water flows down drains,

Flooding away, homes and cars, people on streets astray,

Under the stars, passing the time of day,

At last Mother Earth is having her way,

People in the past, bragging of the games they play,

Strange this stays the same over time we still don't mind,

No way to find a plan to not only understand,

But stop Mankind's sacrilegious wastefulness,

Haste must come to us if we will be blessed with grace,

Or our Earth is done from the fuss and mess we've created,

Greed un-sated, fueled by power hunger often driven by hatred,

I've waited so long for a song of redemption,

The conventions of our times don't allow pretension,

Never mention words unkind, hush now, sit down on the bench,

With a stranger and speak, of the days ahead being sent.

We may fall weak, not lend a hand to come and stand again,

With the havoc we wreak, the Earth will win, unless we can become friends.


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