one day or a lifetime

September 20th, 2019

the world slept.

she didnt have to fight for herself today.

she dreamt while the voices of her children spoke for her,

begged for her safety,

pleaded for her protection,

demanded that she be defended from the hungry men,

monsters with ever empty stomachs who sought to defile her as she slept.

the world breathed that day,

she felt safe.

her children took up the battle cry,

lined the streets and called for change.

speeches, tears, passionate statements.

the news fought alongside her children.

reform was promised, 

plans were made.

the alarm was beeping and the governments began to wake up.


September 30th, 2019.

they slept through the alarm.

the news has moved on.

the protests are history,

the world`s children have forgotten.

she fights every second,

tears falling,

almost alone again.

a few of her children still fight but where are the crowds?

where are the throngs?

where are the signs?

where are the changes?

our voices are hoarse from calling out,

where are the reinforcements?

calling for climate change is not a trend.

it is not an excuse to skip school.

it is not a hashtag, a chance to make headlines.

it is a choice, a way of life.

we only have one life, one world.

a world where 13 year olds speak more sense that adult men.

a world where children could save us if we only listened.

where are our ears?

where are our voices?

one day is not enough.

if one day is all it is,

we might as well only have one day.

one day to live as if we cared, before we go back to our "normal" lives.

if only the world had ended on September 21st, 2019

then we could have died knowing we tried to make a difference,

died before we all went back to our mindless and shameful ways.

died before we were required to change.

no, it is much more difficult to live, isnt it?

much more difficult to change.

the earth cries in pain.

she is cassandra, fated to know the future and never believed.

she knows what is coming, how quickly the times ticks away.

she cannot live alone.

we must take responsibility, apologize for our actions and make it right.

to bring healing.

our children deserve to live, not pay the consequences for our actions.

the climate is changing because we wont.

we must listen and hear

we must persist.

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Our world
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