The Touch and What It Holds

Midas was a man,

A man with a wish,

He didn’t get what he planned,

But he just couldn’t resist.


He asked for gold the first time,

But now that’s not what he wanted,

His ambition had climbed,

No matter what that would cost him.


He had only one demand,

To have the control,

Ownership of the land,

And the way that it grows.


Dionysious was unsure,

But he had made a promise,

He knew there was no cure,

People’s greed is quite chronic.


Midas felt powerful,

A man with the position,

The world beneath him, in his tower,

Hungry for acquisition.


But with power comes destruction,

And everything within his touch,

He abused for consumption,

Till it all turned to dust.


And when the negatives became visible,

He wanted his gift to rescind,

And for a god that’s all so mythical,

That’s where their story ends.


For us, this isn’t just a story,

We are all Midas in this scene,

Tearing apart what’s beneath us,

The very fabric of our being.


Within decades the demolition escalates,

The damage increasing tenfold,

We can’t even admit this is our own mistake,

No matter how many times we've been told.


How hard it is nowadays,

For some people to believe,

That our way of living changes

 by even just a few degrees.


While Midas was forgiven,

We will live with our mistakes,

For on this Earth there is no going back,

Only how much more pain,

This poor Earth can take.


So do everything you can,

Now’s the time to act,

Our generation has the chance to change,

It will all depend on how we react.


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Our world
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