We Are Killing Mother

Mother is unique

unlike her little sister moon

unlike her toxic sister Venus

unlike her father sun

Mother grew slowly over mega-annum, conquering asteroids and meteors. 

Her body was bloodied and bruised, but now

Her beauty is incomparable to any other.

Flora grows from her bosom. 

Animals spring from her loins. 

All are her children and her children she adores,

Watching over them and keeping them warm.

One of her children, however, is unlike the rest.

It thinks itself superior to its brothers and sisters.

They are killing Mother.

Her lungs and heart have been poisoned by its carbon.

Her oceans and skies are toxic. 

These children are abusive by nature, I suppose. 

They murder and wage wars against each other, blind with rage.

They call themselves human beings.

It is us.

We are killing Mother Earth.

Not until it is too late and we lay dying on the remains of our mother will we understand,

That we only have ourselves to blame.

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Our world
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