To Those Who Don't Believe...

To Those Who Don't Believe,

Our world is changing; Can't you see you're a fool

Look at the evidence on the news, the scientific reserarch  available

We're starting a new Dust Bowl, amd soon the Earth will be unsavable

Look at all the rubble, look at the little left behind

From hurricanes such as Dorian; this is reality; the truth; not a lie

Around he world we are affected by these new, outrageous happening storms

In the Bahamas, the Bermuda, even your North American shores

Here too in Japan, we do not escape unscathed

Hagabis has hit us and now the aftermath remains

Today, I walk through what Hagabis has left behind in its wake

News of rucks blown down on highways 

Rivers and lakes now turned to ravenous rapids of tan and gray

Carrying trees, the mud, the landslide debris the rains have swept away

I can only think how, although the sky is bright and clear, this  isn't the beauty I remember

The clear stream the fishermen fished in, the trees I walked under in their seasonal splendor

Now only few of these glories remain

It only pains me more to see what other destruction can come if we continue this way

Is this our future? 

The flooding of our withering Earth? Taking shelter to survive the rain and the winds?

Or worse, is this our present?

Something that we cannot change? A war we can no longer win?

What do I say to my future daughter, my future son?

How do we tell our children that the Earth is gone?

Is this what we want for the next generation?

A world where we destroyed every beautiful thing, for which we should not be forgiven?

Do you want your children to ask you what was snow?

Do you want them to ask you what it looked like to see flowers bloom and grow?

Do you want to explain to them coomon knowledge, such as trees and their colors?

How they looked in the fall, the spring, the summer?

Well, I don't; I refuse to let it rot

This Earth, this world, this beautiful sphere we are sucking the life out of

I don't want this world of blue and green

My dream

To become the past

A fantasy, a fallacy, a rality we will never get back

Listen to us; the smart, the young, your next of kin

'Cause we're spreading a message and we are fighting to win

This war; this debate; this life changing movement

Climate change and Global Warming are real and we can all see it

In Dorian, in Hagabis, and in Fernand too

We all can see, so Nonbelievers, why can't you?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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