Creation Story of Man

The world was created to support man.

We take and we take; greedily, until there is no longer a grain of sand.

“Earth is nothing more than a machine,” says man.

He soon digs his own grave-

Six feet deep into the misused land.


“Earth was not made for a Jellyfish,” vocalizes Ishmael.

The world was created for man.

Man constantly ends the creation story with the appearance of man.

A climax, yes! Man!


“Earth is nothing more than a machine,” says man.

A conquered beauty

Overworked, overused, Overrun- strangled- by a malicious hand.


Such mentalities are embedded into our children until they too become part of man’s story.

Our existence has become an endless cycle of combustion and actions of outlawry.


Memento Mori.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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