The Call of Persephone

As I walk along the shore I can feel myself shake

The world doesn’t quite look the same

There is a scar running through from the quakes

I just couldn’t seem to hold back my rage


The world is changing fast and not from me

The last time it was this bad I was with Hades

The world grew cold and then hot as can be

When I came back to see everything I could


But it is happening again, not from my accord

How can humans be so blind to this dire situation?

But the second someone mentions it they all grow bored

The forests disappearing like they weren’t even there


The air is barely breathable and the nymphs work overtime

Trying to clean what little they can

Few humans, if any, are spending the smallest of dime

To try and save the only home they will ever have


The world is dying as I sit on my throne

Welcoming all those who have died for the cause

I will give them the warmest of home

Then send them on their way to fight once more


It is an endless cycle of loss and despair

As humans continue to exterminate the green

They are killing all we gods have put there

Not knowing there won’t be anything left


So I beg you humans, who named a planet after me

To stand up, take charge and save what you can

Let it be apart of your history

That you didn’t sit back and let it fix itself


You’ll have no help from me, this is true

But on your own, you can stop all the death

There is no limit to what you can do

Every human needs to prove you are worth saving


This poem is about: 
Our world


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