Song to the Mother of all Mothers

The mother of all mothers

Embraces us like no other

Her luscious forests span far and wide,

Nature’s sanctuary, where creatures hide

Her waters run deep, her waters run low,

Offering gifts in every flow

Her azure skies sometimes seem endless,

Though fickle storms can be reckless—

But when the storm subsides

There comes an element of surprise!

Beautiful diamond drops within a heart shaped leaf—

The rustle and bustle of furry feet

The song of the White-throated Dippers calling forth,

Diving below with graceful force

Mountains—all consuming, powerful mountains,

Their range seemingly boundless

Desert sands, golden tan—

Where beauty glistens, bakes on a camel’s caravan

These things our mother so generously offers us:

unrequited love—

Perhaps we’re so unworthy of.

There is an assault upon her soul,

If permitted it will swallow up her children whole!

Ignorance and greed fell her trees,

Toxic emissions acidify her seas

Polar bears hanging off blocks of ice,

Politicians continue to ignore advice.

Empty promises of fossil fuel—

To create jobs is quite cruel

Considering what we know and see

Mismanaged policy keeps us from being free

How can we, her children be free?

If we can no longer breathe the air we need?

As her children, we must reduce our wants

change, begin to utilise

Natural renewable resources far and wide

To protect our mother who’s given so much,

We as her children must stand together and fight as such!

From every corner of Mother Earth

The responsibility is ours to birth.

©TAKerzinger  2.6.17


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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