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The sadness and sorrows we all live through We wish our wish would not be a lie But for it to become alive
  Being mature doesnt relate to age  A young man can only handle so much  Cutting yourself to let out all that rage  That depressing feeling when the blade touch  
You know when you have a breakup
At fourteen life is confusing A rushing river of emotions we dont understand Alyson, you'll be okay. At fourteen life is hard Especially when you think you're in love.
In your eyes, their alone, out the light that guides you steps. Bier by what u see. Nothing more. In your red and fresh mouth kiss, and my thirst is not quenched, that every kiss would, drink whole your soul.
  I come to my sense
Dangling of a cliff, Fifty feet in the air Holding on to your rope- You can’t make me let go
Black is the colorOf the mothThat lays peacefullyOn my window sealNever making a sound Black is the colorOf the ravenFlying highIn the clear dark skyBut still a mystery in our eyes
The  Beauty of Life The  Beauty of
The pain and embarrassment he caused makes me tear up each time I see him; if I was to look him in the eyes, I would cry.
A mirror stands before me Whispers of hate and laughter surround me They point out the outside flaws So I put on a mask to hide the hurt and the pain
Eyes closed breath heavy the feel of your body over mine my hands on your body your curves so defined I place a kiss upon your neck & whisper in your ear
My life is kind of hectic  Like a completed checklist When I look back on my life I see that I have dropped some fine dimes
You shoot me down bang bang. That's why I need another story.
I've been cursed to spend my life fighting. Darkness and war follows me everywhere I go. Fire and venom are in my veins.
Don't touch me, I'm fragile. I flutter and float in the wind,
I just smile I'll never let you get close to me Because I'm broken Mentally and physically But I just smile Knowing that no one cared If i was here there Even is i disappeared
My life is like music:
A wall, a wall with a hole so deep, so dark, the depths could never be known. A road, a road never traveled, nor will it ever be. An animal, lonessome and mateless, never to find his own.
It's been Three Hundred Thousand minutes. Long enough to seem like an eternity, although it has really only been Seven Months.
Lately, I haven't been able to get you out of my head. Your name overflows my mind continuously throughout the day.
  It'd be nice to have someone always by your side, Through the good, the bad, the love, the cries, It'd be nice to never feel lonely, To have someone to make you like you're their only,
She's the girl thats not ment to love To never recieve it on earth, only up above She tries to smile & act so very tough In the back of her mind is the reminder that she'll never be good enough
Tingling sensations oing through my ear and your distinctive lips draws me near. Vibrations going through me bed. Is this love or lust instead? Wake up early in the morning and i'll be here
straight lines brings back a flash back in time from sitting in the kitchen mama making sweet apple pies. Her lover made her heart race more ways than any other.
Down every street, On every wall, In every room, Are windows, mirriors, puddles, and reflection. I march right by without a look but, sometimes I cant... Sometimes it pulls me, Calls to me,
Vast and continuos , far and wild My love for you, I cannot hide I long for the sea, rough or calm I'll sail you from the dusk 'till dawn My heart for you, shall always keep For sea, you are so full of life
  With you, I finally felt loved. Your lips were softer than butter, kisses so soft, sweeter than the sweetest honey.
 i know your tired of the constant texts,the constant ventin i know for a fact its an obsession/ I’m just tired, i need some sleep, i tried coutin sheep/, i tried xanex
The beginning was full of warm colors. Then came to an end. My heart starts to break slowly, just as the leaves begin to fall.
Do you know how it feels To watch you and know That you'll never see me That you'll never hear me call your name   Do you know how it feels to want you To hear you laugh and cry 
I have never wanted a black man before He who walks around with his under clothing out He who had but 5 words repeated over and over I want this man I covet him like a child covets a charismas toy
All he wanted was to be loved, but no one ever threw love his way. His heart already have cracks in it from what that girl did to him the other day.  How can he love when all love done was bring him pain?
I woke up this morning with no doubt in my mind. Do what needs to be done with having only a certain amount of time. Getting ready to leave, oh! Look at that sunshine. Grab my jacket to walk out the door but the sun just wasn't shining anymore.
          Every morning when I lay awake   i don't see you anymore  heart of mind is the key to this relationship  baby I will always love you unless you love me to  I put my life in the line 
So lightly you appear And my mind just can not compare Since everything is so different. How can it be this colorful? Still my sorrow lingers on too.   My heart aches at the loss
Alone. Isn't that how it starts?I sit alone, waiting for a call A call that could possibly save my life. I am alone. My depression eats me alive But I still try. Try. I try to be happy
My head hurts My hurt hears too I never expected that At least not from you
This is for all the hearts i broke,I want you to know im sorry. and my tears are now soaked as a young girl,
A bubbling Laugh, a warm Smile,
I feel the warmth of strangers voices but I know I am alone.     In a semi coma a darkness pulls me under, to a sea of thought.    I wonder why can't I fell each snow flake land on my skin. 
My heart pumps when I see you My hands sweat when I see you My legs shake when I see you My eyes water when I see you My mind fails to load when I see you But you pass me when I see you
You told me you love me I knew it was a lie But down inside I believed it And stupid me Misuderstood this for inspiration Knowing that this fantasy was going to end soon
Who am I? My name is Seraiah Jean Cook But what does that mean? I'm more than a name I'm just a girl in this world trying to be sane My life hasn't been the best
Do I have to have a destination if I decide to runaway? Or would I end up in the perfect place for me? We'll, see. We'll have to see. Let's wait and see. 'Cus I noticed the sun hates taking breaks,
On that day the wolfs sad song rang true I sat by the pond broken and crying That was the day that i lost you The pain was so bad surely i was dying   I loved you to death but we're through
Love, where are you? It is your special day and you aren't here. Where, Oh, where  could you have gone? Could you be with everyone,  but me? Isn't my heart important?
The Begining
You Often Dreamed Of Things You Felt Were Impossible To Come True...But One Day, It Happened. It Really Happened.
We have a short temper Do something either we dont like we lose it Yells and screams in face Hurtful comments  Threats of leaving Slaps and pin downs Throwing and stomping Holes in walls
In the beginning, it was love at first sight My world was full of darkness, but he was my light I loved him and he loved me, I thought I could be myself and be free
My love grows stronger with each passing day, it blooms like a backyard rose in May, my heart like the rose through the gentle rain, is watered and nourished, though the skies are grey,
Being alive im cold I cant breath Life being taken from me as i lay asleep My mind wondering , whats happening to me Life isnt over?  Than why do i feel dead Fighting a nightmare Looking for a dream
I sat in dismay Higher went the price The room grew fuller I started giving my life Shiney and more pricey It filled my eyes My heart grew big It dimed my sight It rose to a point
Luna's crystal veil glows bright tonight. It lays across the top of the ocean as bypassers cross it, yet it doesn't rip. Alone she stays, glowing with no one to adore her
my heart has been through so much, i figured i wouldnt have to take another break...
Locked Up Life in this prison ain’t really so easy for you You on the streets going back and forth to Juvie.
So far Far from you Far from not knowing what to do Far from what I know I don't think I can grow I can't go without you for a single day Because wihtout you there are no words ro say
For those who live and those who die,
The world made sense when I layed in your arms, I felt safe there was no need for alarm, You were my hero you said that you loved me, and stupid dumb me, I actually believed!
Now I know what love is, and no its not bliss, nor the feelin you get the first time you are kissed, Love is Pain. Storm raging insde you like a hurricane and all you see is their face feeling your heart race,
i had to realize that it could never be. he was too old i was too young and we were both too shy.   maybe it was a facade a front maybe it was all just ludicrous.
To this place I let my memories cleave- Long ago, a time on water’s horizon, A moment ethereal I never want to leave.   On a large, cool stump, love was received, Drawn from my heart for you were my siren.
Trying to be in a relationship with him is like trying to smoke a pack of cigarettes. He's addicting and his smell intrigues me. The first time with him isn't so great, but something about him makes you want to go back.
As light approaches the lenses And the camera frames my face The flash alerts my eyes My features begin to erase   I stare at nothing   But the fallacies of a picture
i.Your kisses taste like silver and lead,your words bullets left in the barrelas my hands trace over the triggerand tempt you to release them.
He asked her can he come through!! I seen the comment as i scrolled up my screen It left me emotionally broken I could hear my heart Scream. I know i wasn't perfect But at times I tried,
They say pain is temporary Forgive me for thinking its scary Maybe it's a fantasy, no fairy I want comfort on the contrary. Pain is a inhibitor, because it inhibits us. You could call it bondage,
Mood:BlankMy mind is a blank canvasI want to paint my mind with colors of youEach stroke being a different reason to love everything that is youMood:Indigo
I don’t think you realized How hard it was for me To try to let you in But now that I have
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