Too Far Gone


Broken like the finest China hitting the cold kitchen floor, I sat there and began to think back to the times when we might have actually loved each other. I remember your sweet cologne, it was a dead giveaway for the times you would try to come behind me and try to surprise me. "How'd you know it was me?"he would ask, I'd reply "I guess I'm just a good guesser." And he would just accept it for what it was. I would do anything to keep our relationship alive but like the sailor lost at sea we drifted apart. I kept waiting for him to throw me the life line but he was in the boat and I was in the sea, and we were drifting in different directions… and it became harder and more impossible… so I drowned waiting to be saved. The salty sea water filling my mouth and nose, I can't breathe, I can't even move, because before I fell overboard you tied me up with lies and false love and promises. How could you just dessert me when I needed you the most? I know I didn't always do everything I know I could or come thru like I said it I would, but damn, can we at least talk about this? These thoughts just haunted me as I was drifting into my sea of obscurity. So many questions, not enough answers. Almost automatically I lost myself. How could I allow myself to lose my dignity and self-worth to someone who never deserved it in the first place? This water is so cold... I just needed someone to save me. 

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