Sick Of Life


Being mature doesnt relate to age 

A young man can only handle so much 

Cutting yourself to let out all that rage 

That depressing feeling when the blade touch


You think you know the story behind my life 

Telling old people that youve seen it all 

 Backstabbed with nothing more than just a knife

Wait and cry until someone starts to call 


Before you go and ruin someones fate

Seeing the sick world as an empty shell 

Think of yourself, remember all that hate  

For when you tell people your doing well 


If i die tommorow i wouldnt care

For all the hurtful things i had to bare



I can relate man....I so can relate. I had to bare so much as well an there is times I want to give up cuz its the only thing that makes sense to me anymore....i loved this poem. Very much. Thank you for sharing

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