Crystal Veil


Luna's crystal veil glows bright tonight.

It lays across the top of the ocean

as bypassers cross it, yet it doesn't rip. Alone

she stays, glowing with no one to adore her

but by others who are millions of miles away.

They can't reach her, but their glow does.


After millions afar have seen her, she asks "Does

the glow from others shine in my favor tonight?"

Like the past, the present is the same. No response, only a glow. Away

she goes after a time of quietness, as the ocean

is yet replaced with a stronger glow than hers.

Everyone ceases to remember her. Here, Luna sits, alone.


The next day she comes, as always, alone.

She's engulfed with fury and aptitude, for the water does

what her emotions command. Waves roar before her,

while the billions of lives don't dare test the waters tonight.

The waves have the power to kill tonight in the ocean.

Seeing what destruction she has done, Luna runs away.


After a disheveled night, she debates if she should run away

forever. Without the people she's ravaged, though, she'd be alone.

She returns that night, and to her surprise, the ocean

is filled with everyone. Her veil follows what the waves do.

She makes the decision to stay a little longer tonight,

but the distant glow yet again begins to induce her.


Her flourishing curiousity gets the best of her.

She wants to encounter the glows, yet they're far away.

Everyone merely sails over her diming veil tonight,

while she hesitantly reminds herself how alone

she is and will always be. The far away glow does

what it always does, yet today, the ocean


doesn't seem that alluring as it use to be. The ocean

gives off its last hug, for it understands this is her

last night. On the contrary, the people do

forget about Luna, because she has already ran away.

Saddened that they don't care that her veil left, loneliness

overwhelms her as she runs back to the ones who've forgotten her tonight.


Luna watches the ocean, asking for forgiveness that she ran away.

They've forgiven her verbally, yet they go back to what they always do.

Luna thought she had her loneliness vanquished, but it was just another night.





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