It'd be nice to have someone always by your side,
Through the good, the bad, the love, the cries,
It'd be nice to never feel lonely,
To have someone to make you like you're their only,
It'd be nice to have a true friend,
Some one whose time could be shared and spent,
It'd be nice to have someone who you could you trust,
Instead of playing with your heart and running it over with a truck,
It'd be nice to have someone who really listened to you, 
Instead of someone who made assumptions and critiques that are untrue,
It'd be nice if the same love could be shown to anyone of religion, sex, race or age,
But we choose to lock them away in a cage,
It'd be nice to know someone loves everyone the same,
Unfortunately, no one knows this man by his name,
It'd be nice if love didn't automatically mean sex, 
And if either gender ever saw each other more as goals and objects,
Just'd be nice,......
This poem is about: 
Our world


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