Forver Lasted Long, Didn't It?

Mon, 03/02/2015 - 14:56 -- haixela

The pain and embarrassment he caused makes me tear up each time I see him; if I was to look him in the eyes, I would cry.

His eyes, big and brown, so mysterious. I reminisce about the times we would sit in my living room playing Crazy 8s and I would try to use his eyes to give his hand away.

It was interesting.. getting into trouble with my mom for him and sneaking to the front of my house to steal a kiss. Our summer romance was great; beautiful; fun. It was daring and vulnerable all at the same time. We said we'd be together forever, no matter what. Even though we were only 16, everything felt so real. 

Then school started. Things changed but I could tell we still loved each other. It wasnt just another summer romance; it was much more.

It's so difficult to spill your heart out over the internet but it's even more difficult to do it in front of the one who broke your heart. The one who pursued you with every bit of themself then left you hanging once you finally gave him every bit of yourself. It's so difficult to be programmed into the same class, after 3 whole years of never having any classes together, and having assigned seats next to each other. It's so difficult watching that special someone be with someone else just for the heck of it; knowing good and well that's not their type. You start to become cold-hearted and distant but when you're faced with the word "Hello" all you can do is smile and reciprocate it.

Just pretend as if one million memories didn't come rushing back.

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