2 Shades Of You

My mind is a blank canvas
I want to paint my mind with colors of you
Each stroke being a different reason to love everything that is you
Your aura on my brush just as dark as your deepest fear that your pride won't allow me to see
Me..just let me be an artist made to carry your secrets
I accept all your dark just because I want to see all of your light
And I think I love it so much I don't want to love anything else like it
Mood:Canary Yellow
Because your smile is equivalent to the suns radiance which makes my soul fly
Fly off the canvas that was once my mind so blank into a new canvas with a new picture of just you
You led me into a peace of my mind and not a piece of mind
Because I realized you're my favorite color
The color that paints my canvas
Or occupies my entire mind



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