At fourteen life is confusing

A rushing river of emotions we dont understand

Alyson, you'll be okay.

At fourteen life is hard

Especially when you think you're in love.

You prove it by carving names in your skin

Alyson, you dont have to do it this way.

I know that the quiet is violent

Being without him is hard but Alyson- look at your scars

Your beautiful skin etched with names that brought you pain.

Alyson, you'll be okay

Alyson, I can take this away

At fourteen we dont understand

that this can get better

That this can end

We only see what we can

and that is the lingering of depression

Alyson... I could take it away

Your headstone is carved in the shape of a heart

Your father is by my side

and I never thought I could understand the pain would subside


The pain is gone, and yes its taken years but i am free

Free from depression

free from rage

I wish you were here for me to explain



I wish I could take this away


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