Fixed with Calm Glue


My love was not interested

and left for another,

even after everyone beat me down


he had no pity

especially since he had only another to

embrace, how blithe he was to love and care for her

even as I had him

“chained down”

he could’ve easily broke free

i gave him the key, but he gave it back i set him free.


… the cruel remarks of my oppressors did not help me cope

i was feeble,

so fragile

Hate was a mutual feeling towards everyone i encountered

and it breaks me


shattered on the


i stay there

waiting for happiness to come to me

for i am too fragmented to go to it

the light

so bright and beautiful


but here i am

in a place so

dull and dark

i am numb


my heart refused to beat to the blood rushing

through my veins which now circulates poison

my life was stolen

and death was brought to me with

scars on my skin


the wounds were not for he

but for the sharp words that shanked me

until i could not stand

with my mind at the palm

of every tyrants hand


at peace is where i wish to be

so I tickle my ear drums

with the calming words and melodies

that sing

my survivor song


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