Heart of Glass

All he wanted was to be loved, but no one ever threw love his way. His heart already have cracks in it from what that girl did to him the other day. 

How can he love when all love done was bring him pain?

He gives his love out as though if it was a charity. 

His heavy heart is weighing him down like gravity. His heart is made of glass and every time his love is not returned, he looks and feels like an ass. 

He never fet in, weirdo of the class. Name calling hurts more than the punches did and the only place to escape was to the false reality he made in his head.

His glass heart has cracks all around it! He hides behind a fake smile as if none of this hurt like hell. 

This life felt like jail and he convinced himself that suicide was the bail. He was tired. He was done with it all. His transparent glass heart was at it's limit, and he was ready to end it. 

He convinced himself that he was better off dead! He took the gun and put it towards his head. 

He was done, ready to leave... he did not want to breath. 

He tried to pull the trigger but could not. 

''What do I have to live for?'', he thought. 

''I am tired! I tried! I fought! What does this life offer a misfit like me? Who can I love and who will love me?'' 

He started to cry because he really did not want to die. His glass heart shattered to pieces. 

He started to pick up the fragments and start all over again. 

He rebuild his heart, but this time it would be state of the art. 

It's okay to cry and start over anew because through those grey clouds the sky is still very much blue 

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