Far Away Love

So far

Far from you

Far from not knowing what to do

Far from what I know

I don't think I can grow

I can't go without you for a single day

Because wihtout you there are no words ro say

I feel no joy or peace

I feel like my heart has decreased

I no longer feel

I no longer can think this is real

You were my light

Like a star in the sky that shined bright

You made me feel so different

In the best of way I swear

The way you say you loved me because you did care

I used to hate thse words

The phrase that came in thirds

"I Love You"

Like saying Deja Vu

But not truly meaning it

But to you I do beacuse you seem to quit

Thinking of you every moment

Makes me feel not so broken

We were so close

But you're gone for now I suppose

Now you are so far

Without you I'm like a falling star

Missing you to the moon and back

I can't wait til you come back and unpack

you may seem far today

But tomrrow I know I'll be okay

I'll be here waiting for you

Waiting for you to come through

You ripped away like a free dove

You will always be my far away love




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