Isn't that how it starts?
I sit alone, waiting for a call

A call that could possibly save my life.

I am alone.

My depression eats me alive

But I still try.


I try to be happy

I fake my smile to make everyone think I am okay.
But they say it's okay to not be okay.
I know they're getting tired
Tired of staying up with me, night after night

I know this is my time to be okay.

But I am alone.


Losing everyone

Losing my faith

I am alone.

I turn on my music

The melody is loud, hardcore

Almost like a concert right in your home.

I no longer feel alone.
I am happy.
I feel my heart begin to soar.
Music is there.
Music is helping me smile.
Music is giving me an escape.

I am no longer alone.


Music has helped me gain the strength

The strength to save my own life.

Don't ever let them say

Music can't be

Your saving grace.

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