Cupid Can't Catch Me

Sun, 02/22/2015 - 23:31 -- Monai

She's the girl thats not ment to love

To never recieve it on earth, only up above

She tries to smile & act so very tough

In the back of her mind is the reminder that she'll never be good enough

She won't be a mother

She won't be a wife

She's come to the conclusion that this will be her life

She loves too hard & cares too much

She's drowning in these emotions with anger & such pain

From the first time she ever fell nothing has ever been the same

The promise of "always being there" has become as simple as the alphabet

The race is beginning, on your marks, get set.....

Once the light goes green it's on again

She has to reach her heart first before she has more than a friend

She locks it up, and throws away the key

She's pleased with herself, this time cupid won't get me


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