Maybe They Were Right

Tue, 02/17/2015 - 17:38 -- tjelder


  With you, I finally felt loved. Your lips were softer than butter, kisses so soft, sweeter than the sweetest honey. The way you grabbed me and held me close until our bodies connected as one. Those very moments gave me a false hope that I wasn't alone. I felt wanted. With you I could finally be the person I was born to be. Money was no object. I didn't need anything but your time and dedication. I finally FELT. You were my short lived EVERYTHING. You know what? I HATE the fact that my momma was right , she told me not to trust you and that you couldn't offer me anything. But in some ways she was wrong. You see what I was looking for had nothing to do with lust but more of love.You gave me LIFE. Our long intimate conversations was intellectually stimulating my mind that made me know that you WERE THE ONE. The one who I wanted to be with no matter the cost, pain or struggle. I walked in blind hoping to find light gleaming thought the tunnel. I gave it my all dedicating my heart to YOU solely..but for you loyalty was too much to ask and I guess you couldn't last cuz' what I thought was mines turned out to be a waiting line for you because in your eyes EVERYONE IS A WINNER!!! And you have to know that I'm pisses. I'm pissed because I thought I was yours too. Traveling the distance for you was never hard to do. I guess I just wanted you to sacrifice loving you whole heartily it wrong to want you all to myself? The knives of words of the lies you dispersed out your fucking mouth! Maybe she was right. Maybe you were never mines and I yours from the beginning. You were just a vision..a false hope I chose to believe in. I was blinded by the struggle.Nowadays love is just a word. Nothing more that four letters resting beside each other hoping to create a purpose. Now that I am looking back at things and seeing that maybe, maybe she was right and I was just blinded by the temptation of US.....

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