Sun, 03/01/2015 - 13:26 -- momolu

You shoot me down bang bang.

That's why I need another story.

I say the same thing twice.

So awkward when I speak,

so awkward when I speak.

I stayed up to late cause loving

you was so easy because you're beautiful.

When I wake up and realize you're not there.

Giving you my love but you just don't care.

That's why its been about a year now.

I've been missing you crazy.

But when I think of you 

the only word I think of is hoe.

You were up on mine thinking about

how your world ain't right.

But then I remember those walls I built.

Feeling like i'm standing on a mountain.

Everybody's watching criticizing me

for loving you.

A beauty queen of 18, having trouble with herself.

Partying and bullshittng all night long.

She knows I can't take one more step towards her.

It was the summer after high school when we first met

taking me to your bestfriends house going around this round about.

Saying, "I will stay by you even when we fall."

Calling everyday, hoping you would say my name.

You shoot me down bang bang.


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