Getting over him..

i had to realize

that it could never be.

he was too old

i was too young

and we were both too shy.


maybe it was a facade

a front

maybe it was all just ludicrous.

why was he so quite and myserious?

and why did i like it so much?

why did he always look at me and not speak?

why was i so obsessed?


i shouldve stopped once i found out

i shouldve stopped after 3 months passed and he never spoke to me

but he never spoke to anyone

so i didnt take it personally.


finally i spoke to him

and he replied so sweetly.

i was fooled

led on

by his eyes...

its always the eyes

the attention he gave me that day


i miss it

i miss it all

its been a week and i cant stop thinking about him

this is a one sided love story that never seems to end.


out of sight out of mind

is what they say

time can heal all wounds

is what they say

well im just waiting for that to happen

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