The Features of A Broken Soul


As light approaches the lenses

And the camera frames my face

The flash alerts my eyes

My features begin to erase


I stare at nothing


But the fallacies of a picture

A beautiful girl with a smile

But a heart colder than winter


I stare at nothing


But adjusted lights and altered frames

That would allow one to believe

That I walk without shame


What the lenses refuse to display

Is a foolish girl with a million regrets

Whose pride won't let her apologize for the pain that she begets


I stare at nothing


Because an pretty image can not hide

The pain that I bear when I think about how I lied


When I disregarded your love

And replaced it for the next

A pretty image can not hide

My soul full of regrets

You loved me with no filter

Without a tilt or a crop

You loved me for who I was

Without any Photoshop 


And now in your eyes

I'm simply perfected pixels

They say a picture can tell a thousand words

But this one simply reads, "I miss you"








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