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Sweet romance  Running in fantastic lines Agreeing with magical future In embrace of miraculous now We dream to heal
You are a terrific elixir  Yet you blow your essences up  By enthroning doubts  Like scientists working hard 
perfect does exist but only in pockets of time
One good little robot  Walks down the street Gait steady, stride even She doesn't make a peep   Beautiful, flawless By unanimous decree The epitome of perfection Is what she's known to be
I was willing to change for you, you know. And I thought I've loved people before you, they always say the first hurts the worst, so I thought it was over. The pain, you know.
Working on assumptions sucksyou're feeling this, tell meyou don't feel this, tell meyou want this, tell meyou don't want this, tell mejust tell me
Discovering a misspelled word in your favorite novel  And smiling, Because nothing is perfect.  Watching wildflowers escape through dry brush, Pushing into the sun, Living in a ditch,
How easy it is, To stand and look pretty While taking a photo.   As I see the image that others see— Joyful but Smart.
The beautiful heat,  The scent of Ambrosia, The last affront to the Gods, The oozing delight, That which granted mankind ascension, That which the Gods envied, That which they descended for,
Perfection is a fruitless desire. All my attempts make me tire. Still, I have this hope: Maybe one day, I’ll learn to cope.  
I spy something blue Don’t be sad, I’m here with you   I spy something sweet You make my life complete   I spy something smart I love you with all my heart    I spy something funny
You have changed me That’s for sure To everyone You have allure You make the fine lines disappear Give me guidance Give me fear
Stale makeup and Rotting laughter Broken race cars that couldn’t go any faster.   Fermenting anger and Broken smiles How far can we go Looking perfect all the while.  
"No I'm not" She answered. "My forehead's too wide, My eyes too far apart. I don't exactly look very smart. I mean I am. Maybe. But... My lips are cracked, My hair too dry.
the Corners of my life were my home. pushed into the spaces in between—unseen, side by side, shoulder to shoulder beside other shadows of Perfection.  
the standard definition of perfect. having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be. the mixed meaning of perfect.
Dear  Human,
Perfect Perfect is a disease That everyone is trying to achieve No one is safe And no one can hide from perfect And it’s dreadful ways  
Dear Siblings, You’ll never know me Not as a sister, More like a mother   Amelia, when you learn to drive I’ll be 30 8 years younger than Our parents are now  
Dear Mama,   Growing up, you poured me a bowl of Perfection For breakfast every morning. Perfection had zero calories per cup and tasted delicious.
Dear Those Who Think My Life is Perfect, I go to sleep at night with one thing on my mind, what if I'm not good enough? What if I wake up tomorrow, and no one likes me anymore?
All I wanted was to be perfect.
The brush trails behind streaks of paint Still wet, it reflects the chandelier’s light. While the artist chooses his schemes of colors, Black and white become his queen.
Is it perfection you're looking for, huh ? A big painful circleEach point,perfectly aligned from its centre. Aren't you tired of,practical people-saying dreams are foolishand life is long
Am I Am I beautiful? I know you tell me everyday That I’m more radiant than the sun But I don’t believe it for a second That I’m even remotely attractive   Am I Am I smart?
In the mirror, I dread The ancient scar on my knee The mysterious mark on my cheek The great size of my thighs The stubborn crook in my teeth The several creases on my stomach
What perfect means to me Is no perfection at all. It means that you are clumsy, You are loud, You are quiet, You are graceful. It means that you are awkward, You are simple,
Its beautiful.Flowers blooming.Sun smiling down on me.The silence,peaceful. Look closely at the grass, as it shinesand gleams.As the dew slips downon the smooth soft leaf.
Of course you are not perfect, but why do you fret? There are many more important reasons to find yourself upset. You could be greedy, coniving, full of deceit, turning a blind eye
  Perfection should not             be searched for; uniqueness should        die with its finding.   The above haiku I wrote years ago; It is one that I have liv'd by.
I love you like I love air. Sometimes I don't think about it. But I find you there at moments I need you most. When im gasping clasping at my throat for sorrows mote that drowns my soul,
plastics and perfects accepted and approved not too thick, not too thin just perfect   worthless and failing bullied and besotted
At the start, She was kind, beautiful, free. She was individual, unique Better than she’d ever been. Then, near the middle, And more towards the end Her self image began to bend And bend
It’s a specific side. The one with frayed edges where Paper fibers are disrupted from the interwoven Pattern of rules calculated to win points.   No one can see the perfect matrix.
Growing alone, Behold the self-doubtThe crying, the lying, the gritting of teethWatching others ascend while your mood still depends on your peers.Fingertips brush edges where there is no apparent jail,
Do You Want To Be Perfect?   I Feel Like That
You Are A Better Son Than Your Dad Dear Son you were born in the afternoon it was god’s felicity and incredible boon lullaby your grandma began to croon you crying face looked like glowing moon
I'm not perfect I don't have the perfect figure I don't wear weave I don't wear makeup   Sorry I'm not perfect I'm me   I'm slim, very slim I have locs, and they're unruly
As a past drug addict many people ask me what LSD was like… but…   How do I explain the rain to someone who had never felt it? You've felt it hit your skin
 I am a contradiction, A perfect contradiction. On looking in from outside, I think I'd pass inspection.   My nails are neat, each hair in place. My clothes the latest styles.
I wrote my first poem
Poetry – because practice makes perfect Fiction was my first love, first poem I rejected It was terrible – oh so terrible Nonacceptable So I stopped writing ‘em for awhile
Dear Society, do we exist anymore? The moment we come into this world you grab hold of us like prized possessions The clothes we wear, the games we play, the language we speak, you control
Is it okay to be  yourself in a world where each person is a  reflection of someone else?    Individuality is not  an original equation from a single person,  but an 
I wish I could eat my pen. And the ink inside it, and all the paper in my notebooks, And all the books I've written tens of thousands of times Over and over again in hopes of becoming perfection.
If I could change something about myself, It would be nothing because I consider myself top shelf, I don't think I'm flawless or I'm perfect with no defects,
Sometimes I am a messI make a lot of mistakesI've drankI've smokedBut I am still perfect.
What even is a world without hate?I wouldn't know, this one sure ain't.We live in a society teaching us nobody cares,that nobody wants you,and nobody's there.Society teaches us to not like what we are,
Constantly in pain My own thoughts driving me insane Life is just a drain But the misery is only in my brain   A family that is perfection Offers me protection I am the infection
I am young I am learning I am smart I am stuborn I am wise I am unaware I am organized I am disorganized I am happy I am hurt I am a hard woker  I am lazy 
I was "perfect" I was cute I was an A+ student I was talkative I was curious I was a performer I was a jiujitsu competition winner I was obedient  I was tired before, I am tired now
The rain in the back of my head comes from The pain that festers in my heart. My disdain towards myself makes me bleed more Then a stab to artery and vein. I bleed
I am a daughter of God, but in no way am I perfect   I am not a perfect daughter nor will I be a perfect bride.   I’m afraid to admit that the reflection I see might not even really be me.
When it comes to drawing,   moving a utensil across a page.   I could create a masterpiece, but   have the eyes be lopsided.  
I love you, don't you know that yet? You are my rock My moon My sun My ray of hope  My sunday morning The weight that holds me together You are the main star to my night
I wake up every day with my head held high,  I can do this. I am surrounded by media telling me that to look “good” I need to be a size 2 and shorter than most guys 5ft tall not one inch more, not one inch less.
We are all art in motion Constantly Changing
Valencia, slumber, and inkwell Shades and tainted images hide well The blemishes and marks that always dwell   Lest depicting realness, an uncensored weakness 
Frizzy ringlets of hair, tamed into thick braids. Slick hair, down to your waist, blowing everywhere. Too-long bangs, constantly pushed out of your face. Loose curls limp and beautiful.
Take the picture.  Too high.  Too low.  Just right.  But what's wrong? Your nose is too big, Your smile looks weird, And your hair looks bad.  Take it again. And again.
The first thing a young woman learns,Is to criticize.We are taught to see only our imperfections.We are taught to look into the mirror and self destruct.We focus on our faults.Of course we taunt others..
My hair's in stylish knots, Followed by raccoon eyes. My loafing fashion's caught, By the luring guys.
The Perfect Kind Of Girl   
I just wanted to let you know that you are worth more than what I can show or tell or teach you.  If I tried, it would be like trying to encompass the sun in the description of a shadow. 
If you could see inside me
I stare into the muddied water Curiousity motivating A desire to see My glorious splendor   My eyes appear shadowless As the water ripples My skin, appearing flawless
Another long day Pretending to be
A face that's kind, With just few zits. A smile that is funnier than an orange rind, With a really slow wit.   A walk without balance or grace. A mind filled with irrational fears.
Perfection; The most desired thing, The all-consuming and pointless thing, That so many obsess and hurt themselves over.   There are so many things we all want to change,
I've made mistakes, But they don't define me.   I have regrets, But I am not what I've done.   I have secrets, But they're part of my past.   Come dawn, And come day.
On the other side of the glass
The definition of flaw is defect or fault; The definition itself is contradictory to Heaven and Earth. Everyone is made specifically and perfectly as they are, So any "flaws" are actually evidence of flawlessness.
When it comes to how people view themselves you all have a blind spot. When you look in the mirror you don't see the same things I do. You see mistakes & flaws. I see perfection & beauty in My making.
Am I a cover girl, or just an ordinary girl that is out of this world with no make up, or fake friends. A perfect life is what all want, but there is no perfect life one has
I bottled all my tears to save for rainy days I put my bad thoughts in a box and sent it into space   I framed all my smiles and kept them on display I bagged up all my feelings and threw them all away  
I am the body of perfection That can use no more correction Answer questions, no deflection Heading in the right direction Does this mean I've made no mistakes? That I'm a beam that never breaks?
Post-camera angling, perfecting our facial expressions, we hold our breath as we click the button that supposedly captures the real you-- However in today’s society, seizes the artificial.
A blurred photograph can make a lot more sense than a clear one Look at the way she moves her arm to hit his head playfully Look at the way his face is blurred dodging that hit That action is day to day life
You know perfection Is a man-made word Because it is shallow. Though its implications are potent, No poetry projects from its reflection –
An hour every morning spent on my  make up and my hair I switch my outfit three times befor I walk out the door I dont do this for the attention of some flawed attraction, but I do this for me.
I’m not healthy. “I want to be enough.” “I want to be smart.” “Am I pretty?” “Why don’t I have it all?”   Exhale.   Let go of perfection. Flaws are inevitable,
Immaculate, impeccable.
Flawless is a word, an adjective that describes something or someone that  Does not have defects or faults, none that diminish the value of something
My flaws tell me one simple fact:
I am FLAWLESS My imperfections are what make me so perfect..
"Perfection is only attainable through hard work" Said a guy I knew who had a few screws loose. "If attained others will go berserk!" Said the same guy as he was listening to blues. The word always crosses my mind
For Losing shall I ever be Great      Losing long nights of pain  Before they found her Quenching the thirst of my innocece Saturating my pillow from sorrow       For Losing I am Confidence
Who's wild and crazy A girl who's set free someone who listens but can talk to those in need
You were born to be real, not perfect and to know in your heart that you are worth it I was born to add to this thing we call life 
Deep down I know. I know I have a problem; not with just you but with myself The truth came out a little too late The words I read told me what I had feared since the beginning
Pretty hair, perfect smile Shining eyes, thin waist Eyes on you all the time Let the boys chase Unrealistic expectations   A voice, a kind spirit A dreaming heart, a fearless soul
Perfect, That I am, So perfect in fact, My name is Sam.   From my head to my toes, From the wrinkle in my nose, The perfect five foot height, The perfect far-sighted sight.  
I'm just going to come out and say it No one can be flawless There's just too big of a deficit Between what we always have been and being errorless None of us ever want to admit this
There is little that is right about  me My thighs like each other too much to put a gap between them My head is too scared of the sky to be any higher up My mind wants to speak, but is afraid of being wrong
My shoulders are drooping underneath the heavy weight of expectation. I'm being dragged by the leash of society.
Paint splatterd t-shirts, accomponied by a librarian nose, stand erect as a lighthouse.   Vindictive waves may crash, And temptuous winds may roar. But I glide over these turbulant seas
Little me, how could you not see?Perfection is a misperception.You devoid yourself of emotion,Strive for a life without devotionTo another human being, another person.Your GPA climbs higher
Behind the perfection of the picture lies a whole different person a girl who is seen differntly in social media and out in public
Perfection is a plauge spreading through their bones. Perfection is an irrational conclusion to simplistic ideas. Perfection is a sense of security that everyone craves. Perfection is based on the fear of being different.
Filters and fakenes is a popular theme, Within the news, and the media, and favorite magazines. A girl with boring brown hair, With simple green eyes, And pale skin and blemishes,
What is the true meaning of flawless A hope, an ideal, a dream that one may fit society's standards? Is it influence? A man, woman, or child that tries to make the world better,
Perfect people aren't happier, Use brain and not the heart,  Want this perfect, want that right, Look perfect, do perfect, Perfection stresses them all the time,
I saw it but I held my breath 
Mr. Imperfection why don't you tell me bout all your perfections and why you ain't got none. Tell me how you think you're gonna make it in this world if you're not the best of what you are
Through my eyes only I can see, The faults, the flaws that lie within me. The way my hair falls to the side,  The way my eyes squint when I smile. The movements I make when my hips sway,
Define perfection 
I am strong, No matter how many times you tell me I'm weak. 
I am the child born on a late Winter evening. I am the woman you never desire leaving. I am the lady scanning frantically in libraries. I am the hopeless romantic ending February.
Many people like to judge others, Because they're afraid to themselves be judged. They are terrible bothers, All because they're afraid their own bodies are too pudged.   I disagree with that flawed logic,
“You chubby good for nothing hog.”“Maybe if you go on a diet you won't break everything.” Starving, and crying. Starving and crying. Starving and crying,
I may not be my mother, tall, strong and bold but who I am is who I am and that is all you need to know
I am me  You are you We are different in more ways than seem true  You are not perfect, and neither am I, You are thin, and I am wide.  But while all of this is true,
Cheers to the unforgettable memor
Flawless. Why, because I woke up like this. 
When I look in the mirror, I see what I see, my desires have driven me to blind true reality. How can I tell if my soul has progressed?
You know... Who wants to be flawless? Not Me Now, imagine a world of perfect people.... Life would be incredibly bland. We were born with flaws, can't you see? It's the little imperfections that give us a reason to stand.
One is fearless when one has fears that they overcome.
Everyone gets a pimple once in a while, I know that, and everyone has their own issues and insecurities, I know that
Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking the best and the worse. That he loves me. That I am stupid.  That she is so amazing. That, compared to her, I am nothing.  
What does it mean to be flawless? Perfect? Unblemished? Impeccable? How can someone reach such a standard?
Dark brown hair Golden eyes Pale skin I am flawless   Hard worker Motivated
As children we are deceived by society’s definition of beauty. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and is in no way perfect.  
Smile, Wave hello, Be friendly, Be bold, Be perfect. They expect that from you, So you give it to them.   “What’s wrong?” They ask, if you only slightly frown.
There’s a moment. That moment. Just one moment that happens so rarely That when it comes people think it’s nothing It’s just something that happens Occasionally. But it’s more than something.
A white porcelain doll,  Is never hidden in fear, She is never covered in regret, But she has something I love, The power: To forget...   No mind to consume her time, No passion to lust for,
you and I.we look face to face.I see you and you see call me ugly.
There is a road that I know. A road that none have traveled with me a road that dosen't seem to  exist  to Them.
 What is the meaning of their blasphemous pride? This blaming ride,  The escape goat, am I?  What is the point of the out of place lies? Economic declines? Existential remnants of permanent enclosures?
Deception and perfection are society's traits. One we love, the other we hate. It's sad how we can love one, but not the other When really they both work together.   Society tells us that we need perfection
Perfection Be on time. Make no mistakes. Do not cry….Smile so fake Daily routine. On the go, Hide my feelings. Keep stress levels low.   Do your work.
The hours run into days The days drone into years. When will I finish this endless race? "You are going to succeed and do great" "We all have such high expectations" My family brims with pride.
She sits…
To be a thing of staggering perfection, Unlost in a crowd of typography, But not to the masses of passerby, Rather to one specific soul Who sees a light in dim, dust rooms
I am a dystopia whose fault line you are just waiting to fracture, Splintering me into chaotic shards, The world tells me on that sunshine tulip-coated poster: “You must love yourself before anyone can love you”
Perfection is key and the standards are locked We are all forced to be birds of the flock. No sorrow or pain, No fortunes or gains. A life where your memories aren't your own But some broken and cloned.
The monster inside me is winning. I tried to hold it off for so long. My strength is winding down. This battle is won. I am messing with love. You love her, and I cannot control that.
Girls wear make ups to enhance their beauty Yet this lady’s face is composed of just simplicity She wore dullness in a judgmental society And those harsh remarks led to no anxiety
For centuries The world lived under the assumption that nobody was perfect. There were pretty people There were gorgeous people And even some beautifuls in there too
She had so many friends  No doubt, no worry' People said they would love her to the end  But she was in too much of a hurry   Often ran from her problems But didnt run enough
Different we all are Similar we appear to be Perfection is a star An unreachable image we can see A personal paradise… Something we’ve always craved for A perfect world so nice…
Beauty is more than what appeals to the eye It's more than a hairstyle, an outifit, or makeup Beauty is what lies within the body, mind, heart and soul It is not being a size zero and exposing your assets
Sometimes words fall from my mouth like a waterfall into river, rippling from letters into waves of sentences forming long lines of poetry that carry through banks and across deltas, a never ending string of love letters that will someday reach y
From the smoothness
I do not see your physical body Your physicality is beautiful beyond measure Your personality eminates frequencies of joy beyond conception Your character stands tall with virtue and honesty
BAD?   Girls this generation call their selves "Bad". What is the real defintion of "Bad"? Is it your greatest imagination of perfectioness in physicality and mentality?
  It is hard to define                         Perfection Still, society struggles to be the reflection             Perfection
A smiling face Being like a beacon From the crowd Tired eyes and sad looks Dominate the room Gloomy looks dull the area A smile. A smile! Shining like polished gold
I'm "that girl". The one that everyone wants to be. All the parents point at me. I have the great grades.  Looks like I've got it all made. I'm blonde and blue-eyed.
Women are faced with a societal burden.
Feelings of imperfection line the path leading to C Ch Cha Chan Chang Change. With perfection, metomophosis is unnecessary, but I am not perfect; I need to C Ch Cha
It's a feeling of suffocation weighing down on your chest inability to breath inability to ration tears continue flowing "You're not good enough." "You will never make it."
Feeling good, oh so perfect Maybe the pain was really worth itPassing through my depression Set aside my aggression Although it returns so abruptly It passes by, I don't stay stuck B
am i okay?yes, im fine. inside me, the demons are screaming and tearing at my soul but im fine. feelings of hopelessness and fear and anxiety are building up like briks but im fine
Everywhere I look, Time is passing by. I wish I could fly away, From all of it.   Pressure all around me, But does anyone really see, That I'm screaming on the inside?  
 Let go of your perceptionsthey are all wrong
Could you in that dense mind of yoursHave ever dreamed a world so greatSo filled with beauty and passions
  A smile.  A small but powerful act of kindness,
There was a sad story, well it was more horrible than any. A story of a woman, a young woman at that... A woman  who spoke kind words, and never felt or suffered hurt.
My wish  is that the world would squish
I can talk about overdosing on a 50 milliliter injection,  and if love is the drug, then the only side-affect is rejection.  A dose of love can cure though, while hate can be lethal, 
I've alwasy thought they looked nice,Almost friendly.How their limbs are stretched upward,Like they are worshipping the sky.Always trying to reach and touch it.
the world is not perfectly spherical
Looking in the mirror  Hoping to see clearer. All I see is bad, It's making me mad. I have to put on makeup, Right when I wakeup. Im trying to reach perfection
Begin the dance. Lock the door. Put on the mask.   Shape the curls. Brush on the paint. Plaster the smile.   Look in the mirror. Look away. Begin the dance.  
Knock on resolution but where is your heart it should be with mine progress over perfection take it one day at a time   Join my revolution just open up your heart change is never easy
My reflection gives me a disappointed glance As I stare back at my appearance. I take a peek inside my head
It’s not the orderliness It’s the knowing. It’s the knowledge of how Many tiles coat the ceiling Of the lab on the third floor, How many stripes are on The rug of his room,
I am told I should not fear Perfection- I should not fear it- for I will never reach it.   colors of the World are painted about Her Searching back with open eyes-  
Two syllables. Seven letters. A small word in the vast English language That causes agony, resentment, hostility, and sorrow. Why do we include such a destructive word is our vocabulary?
blurred we were beautiful each and every one fading fast as ephemeral flowers
I can't believe I found you. What a blessing you've been to me. You're everything I've ever wanted And I'm so glad I came to see How truly wonderful you are- That I'll never forget-
It’s a disease. I can’t help it. I have to be right. I crave perfection. I am not a know-it-all; I just like to be correct.
Music is like a cell phone You can speak through it and send a message It does not matter what tone As long as it can manage   Music should not be used to just entertain Or be a tool to receive money
Don’t look at me like you expect something great. I’m tired of being called perfect. I’m tired of pretending your right. I am not perfect.   And don’t you dare tell me otherwise, Because I despise
I'm just dying To be perfect. Whatever it takes, Will be worth it. Can I please, Be enough for you? I'm stumbling, trying, To make it through. And pleasing everyone,
NOTHING will ever be good enough.   Teachers compliment me on things I've written, telling me that the power of my words
"You make me feel, You make me feel, You make me feel.."Perfect.And if I'm perfectly honest I can't help it.All my attempts at being disaffectedAre utterly demolished,When faced with your affection.
My favorite time of the year, Is all filled with cheer.   The beach, the sun, It’s all so fun.   The summertime breeze, Needs to come sooner please.   Splashing in the waves,
I write because The connection from my brain to my hand is Stronger than the one from my brain to my mouth. And when my hand moves across the blank page It pours passion right out of the pen.
You can only touch half of me, This half, This side, You can touch.   The rest of me I hide inside protectively, Guarded, By a shell I constructed of insecurities.
Be yourself Dont let anyone tell you cant be Express, love and smile Thats my style Pink, green, red and blue Let out all your emotions with color that are inside of you
Somewhere there someone who dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worth while, so when you are lonely, just remember its true somebody, somewhere is thinking of you.
That’s not quite right.Just a minute too slow.That’s what they tell her,As if she doesn’t already know.
    Since the beginning of time I have watched Watched humanity crash and burn The Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Babylonians all built toward the sky
Beneath the lonely starsSurrounded by uncomfortable silenceNot knowing where you standTrying to keep your balance
Honey, You’re beautiful Never Settle for less; your value is too high.   You’re perfection just the way you are. Don’t mess that up.   Don’t wish to be anybody else
When you walk away and decide to turn back, Is he already starring at you, or does he hold back? When you open your eyes as you give him a kiss, Does he smile at you, does he tickle your lips?  
Society will make you believe That you must be something to succeed Be smart Do art Catch a shark Get high marks   Society puts pressure on you To create perfection too
Your skin as soft as silk The color glows like a star –lit sky Warm, caramel essence Awakens my soul, body, and mind.  
Perfection is a myth, With an ugly twist. You think you've got it made, When you're only playing a game.   When the tower falls, And the cookie crumbles. The facade will fall,
So, I had a friend in Middle School. She was perfect. So damn perfect that it hurt to look at her sometimes. She was smart, she was funny, she didn’t hole up like a snail when she talked to boys,
Every day is Halloween.Put on my costume,Put on my face.Double check, Triple check to make sure I look happy.
The clichés are on repeat: life is rough, get over it. Deal with it. It always happens to everyone. We are imperfect like a circle drawn by a blind hand.
Together we are two peas in a pod.  How I have you?
My heart skips every time I see you. My pulse races when you’re in my presence. I feel like my love for you is so true. I think of you even in your absence.  
Poetry is pointless.  I mean, if I can get my point across frankly and succinctly, why bother with form and rhythm. Time is scarce.    That used to be my view.  That was before I met you.   
Fair Maiden, Could This Be “I come from a battle,” He started “It is far from this land I fought valiantly but it was in vane For I had lost, I had to give my love to the victor
Her rays dance to warm the Earth, swerving and dodging in and out playing hide and seek with the clouds. Her eyes scan the room, bobbing and weaving playing peek-a-boo with the crowds.
The worst feeling in the the world Is feeling like you're being forgotten, Like you're love is not enough, Like you're not needed. But worst than that Is feeling like there's nothing you can do to change it.
... they say love heals all wounds..i say it hurts .. i've seen proof that it works..  they say love is blind... but i see it all the time.. no need to wonder she says love has made us stronger.. the more we love  the more we hurt ...
As a young boy when I first got a glimpse of thee I felt as if I had an epiphany. You gleamed and shined As if you were of something divine. I spent much time with thee-
How to be perfect? No one quite knows. The search is forever, the answer unobtainable. Why do want to obtain it? That's how our mind goes. The quest is forever, the prize unavailable.
Judgmental comments float about As abundant as the air we breathe Criticism being thrown at us by society The pressure of being beautiful, intelligent, flawless Who has the right to define these words?
Day by day I face an internal outcry that rages My mind never silent I dream word of worry I wake with panic Day by day I am forced to face life in an undeveloped body I am judged for my emotions
I’m ugly Don’t look at me. No one wants me, I’m just A fat Bitch. I only wanted To be pretty. I bet she doesn’t need To suck in her stomach Like I do. She’s so Skinny,
Eyes like Storms, Secrets churning in their depths. Emotion; chained. Encased in glacial stone. Arrogance incarnate In his Golden Crown. Athena’s blessing Behind his brow.
I flew from circus tents into the great unknown Blue. My feet were stained with the yellow of the desert— still wet. It took one leap for the white wings I keep folded away (only showing whispers
Again, the mirror on the wall torments me. “You are wrong. You have no reason to live. Leave and go away!”
Mirrors Look inside. Telling You what to Be-- Perfect... Perfection Define it. Put Yourself into that Place-- Beautiful...
Crippling in its expectations Deadly in its pursuit to attempt it is suicide to achieve it, impossible the most unreachable goal the most common all the same claiming sanity, even lives
Who started this trickery? This ever shrinking waist There is no debate That skin and bones is not why men fantasize But you say and you starve Perfection is what you are aiming for Clothes in the front
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