The Perfect Tree

As a young boy when I first got a glimpse of thee
I felt as if I had an epiphany.
You gleamed and shined
As if you were of something divine.
I spent much time with thee-
During the spring dawns, I inhaled your perfumes that smelled so heavenly
In the summer’s eves, you were my pillow on which I dreamed sweetly
On the autumn days, you were both my chair and friend when I read my stories
By the winter’s night, you gave me a wonderland of mysteries-
How do I express my feelings towards your perfection?
O, how many good times I saw during my recollection.
I just love the sweet taste of your fruit
How any problem they can soothe.
Then your small flaws don’t make my passion decline
For you are too fine and simply divine.
Of great beauty you are by far
With no signs of mar.
You are quite the one of perfection indeed
And I declare you the perfect one to obtain a seed.
The reasons are you have provided me with the fountain of knowledge
And I was blinded by your heavenly perfected image.
For this I thank thee
And shall always love you for an eternity.

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