My Mask


Every day is Halloween.
Put on my costume,
Put on my face.
Double check, 
Triple check to make sure I look happy.

The real me, 
Is deep inside.
Buried so deep so no one can find it.
I grab my things, 
Walk out the door.

Look at the world though my 
Perfect mask.
Smile when it is time to,
Laugh when it is time to, 
Put on my mask when it is time to.

I am better off with my mask.
I wish I was not inside.
When I am alone,
I rip of my mask. 

It hurts so much to keep it on. 
It scrunches up my face,
Shapes it in weird ,
Uncomfortable ways.

My body disagrees with the mask.
But the mask is better.
No one is worried, 
No one is sorry,
No one stares,
No one cares, 
No one is concerned, 
No one looks after me,
No one talks to me, 
No one suspects a thing, 
Everyone thinks I am fine. 

That is why my mask is good.
I am perfect, 
I am pretty. 
No one has to see under the mask,
As long as they don't know.


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