Unperfectly Perfect Perfection


I'm just dying

To be perfect.

Whatever it takes,

Will be worth it.

Can I please,

Be enough for you?

I'm stumbling, trying,

To make it through.

And pleasing everyone,

Is still on my list.

But I'm drowning in the spit,

That flies when they're pissed.

'Cause they all want perfection,

And if they don't, they lie.

And I've caught: the infection,

So I'll continue to try,

To meet the standards,

They've set so high.

But I fall and I break,


I try to be perfect.

And honestly, I'll never be

Worth it.

Might as well,

Let me stay down.

'Cause I've fallen enough,

I might never be found.

Crawling on the floor,

Looking for perfection.

I'm forgetting how to fly,

When I see my reflection.

The hate that invades,

When I feel rejection.

Passed over again,

During selection.

Can I blame it all,

On the certain section,

That offers no affection,

And never seems to,

Escape detection.

Avoid disapproval,

Avoid correction,

'Cause still you say,

We should strive for perfection.


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