Simply Me

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 02:50 -- KWagner

I am me 

You are you

We are different in more ways than seem true 

You are not perfect, and neither am I,

You are thin, and I am wide. 

But while all of this is true,

What really matters is what's through and through

We both have great potential,

Even if we keep it confidential,

To reach great heights!

I am me

You are you

We learned new things as we grew.

I like to write, and you like to draw.

You like to sing, and I like to solve.

We look in the mirror every day, 

And think, "Am I really this way?"

But when I see you, and you see me 

"There is nothing wrong, how could this be?" 

I am flawless, the same as you. 

Besides, who is the judge?

Who defines a flaw? 


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