Ballad Of The Maiden 5

Fair Maiden, Could This Be
“I come from a battle,” He started
“It is far from this land
I fought valiantly but it was in vane
For I had lost, I had to give my love to the victor
I have since then traveled the road
Somewhere along with it I have lost a piece of my heart”

“I am sorry,” joined the maiden
“I have been left confused and distressed
Another has refused to leave me be
I have been wondering this road
I became tired and lonely
So I sat to rest”

She sparrow soared when she heard his voice
It was strong and kind
His face showed his journeys struggle
As they talked over food and wine
She secretly laid her heart down
Not wanting to aggravate him
The maiden shall wait to see if he lays his heart down as well
Could this be her lover?


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